West Palm Beach Day 1

Get into this boutique hotel by Marriott. (I will tell you the name after I leave!) The hotel is stunning  and fabulous and that’s really all I need to tell you about Day 1. The pics below speak for themselves!

Shortly after arriving and taking a few work meetings, I grabbed lunch at City Cellar in Rosemary Square. I enjoyed a refreshing cucumber lemonade and pear salad while looking at palm trees swaying in the wind – a great introduction to the city! Rosemary Square is a very nice outdoor shopping mall. Great decor, restaurants, shopping and more. You will definitely want to visit this place. It is also home to Restoration Hardware’s restaurant, which I plan to visit later in the week.

Other than exploring the hotel and having an awesome lunch, it was really a chill night (on purpose!). I spent some time with my BFF (agenda), read a magazine (Sweet July), took a nice long shower (you cherish these moments when you have a toddler) and did a little pampering (skincare).

Here’s to Day 1! Xoxo, Bri Alys

First Post-Covid Flight

I will be talking my first post-COVID and annual solo trip this week to the magical West Palm Beach, FL. Excited!!! When I first visited WPB in 2019 I decided to ditch Miami and make this my new “thing.” But COVID …. 😤

I am ready explore more of this great city and to digest all the newly imposed travel-related nuances before my family vacation later this month. I be blogging daily so be sure to subscribe! I am also planning to try my hand at vlogging for my YouTube Channel. Sooo … let’s see how that goes! 🤗

Each blog/vlog will be a day behind so expect posts Tuesday – Saturday (my travel dates are Monday – Friday). We will be eating, shopping, spa’ing together – and more! Florida here I come!!!

Xoxo, Bri Alys✨

*feature pic not my own

The good life

With vaccine advances related to coronavirus, travel will likely pick up this summer. I already had a slight phobia (called impatience) standing in long lines at the airport. The recent stories of long lines (better known as chaos) don’t make travel any easier of a pill to swallow.

My savior? Elite status. Due to years of loyalty (~15), my Marriott Titanium status is on lock for life (yay upgrades and free food!). After I obtained that, I turned my attention to Delta and it finally paid off. Welcome Platinum status through January 2023! And just in time for the pandemic travel fiasco.

I will not stand in long lines. I will continue to enjoy the comforts and their concierge lounges and I was able to gift my 2-year old son Silver status. Now my attention turns to keeping it. Let the travel planning begin. Happy summer!

Perfect Pajamas

I like to think of myself as a simple girl who just wants classic things. Less bells and whistles, more simplicity and function. Why is it so hard to find nice, sophisticated and classic pajamas? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I finally found them – at Nordstrom in a Canadian brand called Lusome. The quality is impeccable and they are super comfy and breathable. I bought all 4 shown below! No, they are not cheap but as far as I am concerned, I won’t need another pair of pajamas for a while. 🙌🏽

Lusomé Story

What is Lusomé?

Lusomé is an ancient Scottish term that means desirable. The inspiration for our name is the essence of what our products provide: the perfect balance between functionality and beauty. Functionally, they empower women to manage night sweat issues that have traditionally made them feel less desirable as a woman, fundamentally affecting their femininity, often at times when they need it the most. Equally importantly, the beauty of our range of styles is what sets us apart. Alluring and beautiful designs compliment women of nearly every shape and size, with attractive and simple styles to flatter their bodies as much as possible.

How Does Lusomé Work?

Lusomé is a beautifully designed sleepwear brand using the most innovative moisture management technology possible for naturally blended fabrics. Lusomé with Xirotex™ provides women with revolutionary moisture management in luxuriously soft fabrics expertly engineered for ultimate comfort.

Holiday card fancy

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