Tech 101

When it comes to tech, there are a few things every girl (and guy) should know! Use Bri’s Commandments  to raise your tech-meter and make sure you are IN THE KNOW!

  • Thou shalt never store your contacts, calendar, pictures solely on your phone. If you have a Gmail account, use Google Contacts and Google Calendar. If you are an Apple fan, use iCloud. Simply add/update your account in the settings on your on your cell or tablet. Learn how in my post, “The Cloud”.

  • Thou shalt Run Your Personal Finances Like a Business. Use my budget template in combination with Mint and you’re all set!

  • Thou shalt use your credit card for everything! Credit cards have fraud protection and offer wonderful rewards! NEVER shop with your debit cards (gas, groceries, whatever): the cash is gone right away and getting it back is always a HASSLE!!! Checking your accounts should already be a daily practice so if something happens, you will catch it right away. And if it isn’t already, add a quarterly FREE credit report check to your to-do list.

  • Thou shalt Google. or Bing. Or Siri. Whatever floats your boat! If you have a question, any question at all, do not ask the person closest to you.  Google is the new, always current, always on, easily accessible WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA. It knows everything. Ask it a question! For example: “Who is Tom Ford.” (blank stare)

  • Restart, Restart, Restart. Computer or mobile phone not working or responding? Before you call in the troops, power down your device, then turn it back on. Doesn’t your brain need rest?? … so does your  device!

  • Thou shalt always search for a coupon code before making online purchases. Nine times out of ten, there is always a discount to be had and sometimes you can save BIG! Even when you’re shopping on the go, use apps such as RetailMeNot and RedLaser.

  • Thou shalt shall not email word documents or excel spreadsheets back and forth! Budgets, Programs, Menus, Resumes or whatever else you have in mind: use Google Drive for anywhere-access and to collaborate easily with others. Or, if you prefer use iCloud. 

  • Thou shalt use Pinterest, for everything!  This site is ALL THINGS FABULOUS, literally! Get inspiration, see what your friends like and create private boards to save the things you adore. Wedding planning, fashion trends, meal planning, decorating, you name it! Visit their website and/or download the Pinterest app NOW (iOS, Android). You won’t regret it! You can also try We♥It (iOS, Android).

  • Thou shalt stay in the KNOW! There’s a lot of information on the Internet. Don’t bother scouring through all of it. You’ve found our blog, so let us sort through it all for you! Be sure to subscribe to Bri in the Know!

XoXo, Bri Alys