No Time for TV

tv guideThere are too many day-time personalities, talk shows and other great TV shows to keep up with! There’s The View, Scandal, Game of ThronesBethenny, Verses and FlowSteve Harvey, Dr. Phil, Queen Latifah, Ellen, Katie, The Doctors, Sunday Best and many, many more! How can you keep up or know when the next episode is coming one? Sure, you can add it to your calendar but that won’t tell you who’s on today or what the topics will be. And what if you hear folks at the office talking about a new show coming on tonight that you want to watch it but you won’t be home until much later tonight and there’s no time to set your DVR? We’ve got the answers!

  • Step 1: Create your personal, digital watch list. Remember those little TV books that used to come in the mail each week? Well, now TV Guide has gone Digital. You can create your very own personal Watch List online or on your mobile device using the TV Guide App!  For added functionality, log in with your Facebook account. Other Features include: New Tonight, Watchlist, Entertainment News and Alerts

  • Step 2: Record your favorite shows or change the channel from your iPad. It would be really nice if you could just click on the show, right from the TV Guide app and click Record, but we’re not there yet (at least not to my knowledge). Stop watching commercials and put your DVR to work! Comcast (iPhone, iPad, Android), Time Warner (iPhone, iPad) and most other cable companies have apps that allow you to do this. (You’ll need the login username and password for your account).

Now, instead of reading the daily email from each of the shows to see what’s on, you can sign up for the TV Guide Newsletter to get news specific to the shows you watch, find out what’s on and record on the go!