Fall in Love with Print

While on long flights, I often take notes of random thoughts/tasks in my Moleskin notebook. One of the themes for my notes last Sunday was color schemes and fashion. I wrote down the following:

  • 3 color schemes I used to despise seeing paired together: pink/red, black/brown and gold/silver. The latter I still can’t get into!

  • 3 of my favorite outfit combinations, with names, are: all black everythang, ravishing red (just a hint) and winter wonderland (neutrals).

  • There are 4 women whose style I believe absolutely changed the game:  Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama, Olivia Pope, and Jackie Kennedy. I like to call this classic elegance.

  • Print is the new Black. You know that saying, “Black goes with everything?” So does print! Camouflage, Plaid, polka dots, Animal print, you name it!

(Atlanta to Paris is a LONG flight….)

The last point is what inspired this post. Print is trending in the Home, Jewelry, Fashion and even Food! (Sometimes) The weirder the pairings, the better the look! Take a look at the combinations below I found on various sites across the web. Enjoy!

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