Walking into 2014

Written by: Mrs. Cecily Range, Twitter.

rangeIf I can think of one word or phrase that would describe 2013 for me, it would be that maturing is the capacity to endure the uncertain while maintaining an understanding of self  in Christ, depending solely on His purpose and plan. I often doubted that I was capable to achieve certain goals in my life due to my lack of faith not only in myself but also that I wasn’t worthy to be given the desires of my heart. This year has proven to be one of great harvest for me, as I was put on the Dean’s list at school, given a raise at work, able to encourage younger women through my experiences,  and learned that I was created with a specific purpose in mind, which I am beginning to accept and walk in.

So, 2014 is going to be a year of great opportunities and progression! As my faith is being renewed daily, my life is being changed in ways that I couldn’t even dream of. To call myself blessed would be an understatement: my children are destined for greatness; my marriage is flourishing, reflecting the relationship of Christ and the church; and my relationship with my Jesus is growing daily.  Trust in His plan always and you can do everything but fail, which is measured by Christ and not those around you.

God Bless