Teeth meet Tech.

CES starts tomorrow in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is a gadget lovers dream. Apple has its own stage to show off its new products and so does everybody else: CES. But don’t think you can just walk in. Oh no, you have to “prove” that you are part of the tech industry to even register! Exclusive, eh?

One of the most talked about products is called Kolibree. It’s a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush that analyzes your brushing and displays your progress on a dashboard for easy access on your smartphone. Any moms raising their hands? Dentist’s rejoice? You may laugh but oral health has a proven correlation to overall health. Kolibree can store up to 5 user profiles, cheer you on if you’re doing a great job or warn you of spots you may have missed. The only thing missing is a little music.

But you can’t just rush out to buy this just yet… Remember, this is CES. A place where entrepreneurs and startups share their innovations and assess consumer interest. If you like this kind of stuff as much as I do, tune in to the CES in the News page or check their social media sites here.