In this world we live in of digital downloads, unlimited streaming is the new thing!  There’s Spotify for Music, NextIssue for magazines, Netflix for Movies and now, Oyster for Books!

books2goFor $9.95 month you can get access to 100,000 books. After signing up for Oyster’s free 30-day trial, I searched to see if any of the books I had on my Kindle app were there. While my most recent purchase wasn’t there, many of them were! And actually, the only reason I bought that book is because it was at the top of Amazon’s Bestseller list. If I had an Oyster membership at that time, I’m sure I would have been fine with one if its many Top Picks. I can also tell you that when I joined Next Issue many moons ago, there weren’t nearly as many magazines as there are now. Checkout the quote below from this article in Wired, give it a spin and decide for yourself!


Created by Willem Van Lancker, Eric Stromberg and Andrew Brown, Oyster’s main goal is to make the process of finding and reading books much easier than it has been in the past. “You don’t have to decide, do I want to spend $12.99 on this single book?” explains Van Lancker. “Rather, you can just tap and get into it.” The founders figure that by removing the purchasing process, people will spend less time hemming and hawing over buying a book and more time actually reading it, which hopefully will lead to more revenue for the publishers, authors and Oyster (Stromberg wouldn’t delve into business model details, but he says it’s a “win-win-win” for all parties involved). “We want to eliminate the barriers to get you into content because we know that the most enjoyable experience someone is going to have with Oyster is finding a book that they fall in love with,” he says.

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