Brothas Leading the New School

dreThis post was supposed to be about the BEATS EMPIRE (streaming music service, car audio, headphones, computers); but, as I type these words, my message has changed!

baconI can recall times when some people complained about Black men not having jobs (or bringing home the bacon, if you will). But, what happens when Black men hold down multiple jobs and reinvent themselves? Let me help you out a little – Steve Harvey: Author, game/talk show host, radio personality, comedian. Michael Strahan: Athlete, prime time talk show host, sports analyst. Stephen A. Smith: TV host, sports talk radio, columnist. Ice Cube: Rapper, director, actor, TV producer. Magic Johnson: Athlete, philanthropist, franchise owner. Sean Combs: Hip-Hop mogul, spokesperson, designer, movie star. Dr. Dre: Rapper turned music mogul, producer, actor. I could go on! Have you noticed??!

Uttering these words makes me so excited! To my fabulous sisters: let’s learn from our men! Do what you love and if that’s more than one thing GO FOR IT! (We are already masters at multi-tasking.) Imagine, dream and envision yourself  doing something more, something greater! These Brothas have already put the Millionaire Mindset into action! Let’s put our support behind businesses, TV shows and companies that promote our men and pay our men!