Tech Tops Forbe’s Top Ten List

top tenFor the 7th year in a row, Forbes released it’s list of America’s Top 10 Most Promising Companies. Why do we care? Because 7 out 10 are All Things Tech! No need to watch this 5 minute video (plus a 30-second ad), when you can reference the list below, complete a short summary and links.

10. Hire Vue: Online video screening of potential employees.

9. Yodle: Web hosting for small businesses.

8. Anchor Free: Safe browsing, erases personal data.

7. uTest: Pool of software testers from around the world.

6. Smash Burger: Hamburger chain.

5. Lending Club: Personal loans.

4. evolent Health: Software to help hospitals control their costs.

3. Suja: Organic juice 3-day cleanse.

2. Airpush: Delivers ads to mobile apps.

1. Fuhu: Educational tablet for kids (runs on Android).