Bears Change the World

This morning The Huffington Post tweeted: If All Adults Reread ‘The Berenstain Bears,’ The World Would Be A Much Better Place. I couldn’t agree more! My favorite  little bears share great life lessons in a wide variety of topics from Recycling, to The Blame Game to Counting Your Blessings and more! One of the their books is called Berenstain Bear’s Computer Trouble. From the book’s description:

bearsWhen Papa brings home a computer, the whole family is excited. Soon Mama, Brother, Sister, and even Honey start spending all day every day staring at their own computers. It’s up to Papa to get the family off the computer and back into the real world!

I remember when we got our first computer. I was guilty of sitting at that desk, staring at our shiny new computer all day, tinkering with this and that. Actually, I’m still guilty of that today! Are you?? If not, replace Computer in the title to something more applicable to your situation: “Cell Phone”, “Video Games”, “Shopping”, whatever you spend entirely too much time (or money) on. The message still applies!

You can purchase this book on Amazon.