Prague’s Astronomical Clock

Today I visited Prague’s Astronomical Clock, situated in Old Town. The clock was originally constructed in 1410 and is one of the most popular tourist sites in Prague. What makes this clock so special is that it still works! Every hour on the hour, when the apostles finish their journey, the golden cockerel at the top crows and quivers its wings, the bell rings and the clock chimes the hour.

There are three parts of the clock:

  1. The astronomical clock dial shows the position of the Sun and Moon and four virtues : Vanity, Miser, Death, Turk (from left to right)

  2. A calendar dial with medallions representing the months

  3. The Walk of the Apostles

It’s the The Walk of the Apostles and the biblical reference that intrugued me most! According to Orloj, while the term Apostle does represent the original disciples of Jesus Christ it also includes the 72 original followers and supporters of the new doctrine. It is widely believed that a sculpture of Jesus Christ himself was a part of the original set damaged in a fire. Even though some sculptures had to be replaced, the total number of 12 sculptures has always been maintained.