Guilty By Association

Just two days ago I sat in the restaurant of my hotel, pondering my dinner selection when my colleague declared: “No one gets food. Scientists may know the individual impacts of food but they don’t understand the interactions.” Then, today I see an article from The New York Times titled Why Nutrition Is So Confusing. After explaining the many types of trials scientists conduct over months, years and the pros/cons of each, the author concludes:

“Before I, for one, make another dietary resolution, I’d like to know that what I believe I know about a healthy diet is really so. Is that too much to ask?”

Touche, Mr. Toubes, Touche! Who needs scientists or diet books when your friends that are smarter than you?! (See the video below).

turkeyLet me explain: This week for my two-week stay in Budapest I packed all types of nuts for my daily snacks: cinnamon roasted almonds, planters energy mix, honey roasted almonds. (Yes, I love nuts). While my colleague and I were at dinner that night (and in effort to impress), I told her about all of my snacks and asked, “Which one is the best?” Her response? “How about plain almonds.” Immediately after she said that I recalled a quote in US Weekly: “I like lambs, so I can’t eat them… But… I hate turkeys, so I eat them.” I must admit: when I  initially read the quote I thought to myself, “Why would she do that?”

But now I am connecting the dots (yes, maybe for the hundredth time, but I am connecting them!) My colleague and Minnie are talking about clean eating or consuming food in its natural state for HEALTH, not for PLEASURE. No added sugars, artificial flavoring, sweeteners, etc. So the last few days I have been challenging myself: why must EVERYTHING I eat ALWAYS taste good? It’s because I’m eating for pleasure, not for health. Let’s just hope I can practice what I preached (just yesterday) and Lean In.