Map Game

europeHow well do you know the rest of the world? If I showed you a map of Europe, could you point in the general direction of where Greece is? What about Switzerland? I will admit that I would have trouble doing so. Lots of trouble! So I started searching online for a game to play. One that would allow me to learn more about the rest of the world and I found something! The site is called: Map Puzzles – US and World. The first time around, it took me 4 minutes, 13 seconds (Easy level) to place all the countries in Europe! I won’t mention the time it took me to place the US sates without the lines (that’s the Hard level)…

Anyhoo, it’s a fun thing to do! And a great way to learn more about the world. If you’re a teacher, a parent (or an adult) that wants to know more, this site makes it quite easy to give your little ones (or yourself) a 5-minute introduction to the rest of the world. The site has maps for Europe, Asia, South and Central America, Africa and more! If you really want to get fancy, you can also find out how many people live in those areas with the interactive map below from PRB (Population Reference Bureau). Happy Mapping!

PRB World Population