What’s in your Pocket?

pocketappI usually never really care about how much data I use on my phone, mostly because I’m always in a Wi-Fi zone; but, when I travel oversees matters because International Data is expensive! Since I usually spend ~40 minutes each day in a cab each traveling to/from work, finding a data-friendly option that helps me maximize my time is important. The app I faithfully use is called Pocket. Pocket lets you save articles you may run across throughout the course of the day for reading later (no internet connection required). You could save an article your friend to you, links from your Twitter feed or a fashion article you run across on the web (translation: no need to email yourself the link and clog your inbox). Once you sign up for an account (free) and download the app (also free), all you need to do is right-click on any link you want to “save for offline reading” and select Save to Pocket. It’s that simple! Before you leave your friendly Wi-Fi zone, just be sure to open the app and sync it. Because Pocket is a Cloud service, no matter what platform you use to log into/modify your account (Web browser, iPad, iPhone), it will always stay in sync! #HappyReading