What I Read Every Day

powerIt doesn’t have to be a book, although I do LOVE books – I get it from my mama! – mostly on my Kindle; but, sometimes I like to buy a hard copy, just to get that old school feel. (side note: I’m currently reading Flash Boys and just bought Instinct. I really wish some publisher would offer book + digital combination. Why? Because sometimes you want the best of both worlds!) Now, back to the subject at hand… I’ve told you how much I LOVE Wi-Fi and the Internet! It’s mainly because information flows freely and anything you want to know can be answered with a quick Google/Bing/Siri search. That means I can KNOW and LEARN about anything my heard desires for FREE! I really am an information junkie

There are a few blogs/sites I Read Every Single Day so I thought I’d share them with you because IThemAll! Before we dive into the details, I want share HOW I get this information. Some people have a tendency to follow a site on Twitter or to sign up for emails (which are all fine), but chances are you’re following a lot of people and it’s hard to keep up. I use Feedly, a RSS feeder (with mobile apps), because for these sites in particular, I don’t want to miss a single story and I like have all of my favorites in a single place. Do what works for you!

So, without further ado: Here’s what I read daily:

Money Tips Network: (10+ years) I’ve been following some of the financial bloggers in this group before it even became a Network (2009). “Our goal is to educate the public with honest and helpful money tips from the most trusted personal finance blogs.” There’s no Twitter feed (negative), but you can sign up for email newsletters or add it to your RSS feed. Each day you’ll get a collection of articles about #AllThingsMoney from credit, to grocery shopping, buying a house, saving for retirement – and much much more!

Mashable: (10+ years) My Go-To site for #AllThingsTech. Mashable is a source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world

She Reads Truth: (6 months) A handful of women manage the site and write reading plans, focusing on the grace of Jesus and needy of the Holy Spirit moving in our lives. #AllThingsFaith

Healthy Women: (2+ years) The nation’s leading independent health information source for women. Their core mission is to educate, inform and empower women to make smart health choices for themselves and their families. #AllThingsHealth

Early Retirement Extreme: (3+ months) This is my newest addition that I wrote about before! ERE is a movement of individuals integrating ideas from anti-consumerismDIY, the Renaissance man idealhome economicsindividualismenvironmentalism, and rentier capitalism toward the goal of achieving financial independence extremely rapidly. #AllThingsMoney

So there you have it! Pick a site that you like and commit to reading it every day! Reading every day could make you more successful! #ReadAnything

A t-shirt I bought (and still wear!) during a visit to the Library of Congress in DC (2010).