STREET by 50

STREET-OES-FEATURE_1024x1024When Beats headphones first came out, I ran out and purchased a shiny new pink pair. A couple of days later, I headed to the gym. The listening experience was awful, mostly because my sweat pooled in the ear of the headphone. This did NOT feel great so I promptly returned them. Yes, they looked cool, but for me they weren’t practical and they also weren’t very comfortable. Enter STREET by 50 – the other cool headphones, headed up by a rapper (50 Cent) and promoted by an athlete (Carmelo Anthony).

We already know 50 is a savvy business man, but you may wonder why he’d venture into the headphone space, knowing that Beats pretty much has made its way into every household in America. In a recent interview with Yahoo, 50 states:

You get to a broad level where everybody’s owned Beats,” 50 Cent, the consummate pitchman, added, “[Everyone] goes, OK that’s cool, everybody has that — I want to try something else; I’ve had that already.” 

STREET-OES-Melo450 doesn’t want to be the big thing right now – he wants to be the next big thing, after the Beats-frenzy is over and the dust has settled. After all, that’s what fuels the different / not so different yearly iPhone debacle, right? We want something different than what our friend has, event it’s not really so different.

I love the colors STREET offers: yellow, blue and pink. They are much more appealing than  the harsh colors offered by the competition. STREET headphones are sweat-proof, Beats are not. STREET have an oval-shaped design to match your ears, Beats do not. STREET cancels noise, Beats do not.

The thing that I love is that it puts Melo against Lebron (endorses beats). It’s great competition, even if it is off the court. BUT, given the upcoming free agency in the NBA, it’ll be interesting to see if these two superstars decide to team up on the court, even though they’ve already picked sides when it comes to headphones. Or, maybe Melo is finding other ways to make his money so he can afford to earn less on the court… We’ll know soon enough!