Mortgage Help

mhThinking about buying a house? A lot of folks out there are in the same boat and I call them the Rent vs. Buy crowd. In fact, I’ve become one of those unrealistic and annoying people I see on HGTV who want spacious city living on a budget (blank stare). Mortgage Hippo can help! The site walks you through an online quiz, without requesting specific personal information, to help you figure out if you should buy and what financing options are available. (Lifehacker). The quiz starts by asking you a series of questions in four categories:

  • BASE CAMP – Where you live now & What you pay
  • PROPERTY INFORMATION – What are you looking for?
  • PERSONAL DETAILS – Qualifications (Veterans) and Purchase History.
  • FINANCIAL STABILITY  – How much do you have for a down payment?
  • PERSONAL PREFERENCE – How long will you stay?

I took the quiz and found the information to be very useful! You can also save your progress/results by creating an account (be sure to uncheck the box for promotional emails). Click here to take the quiz and see your results!