(Updated) Email Goes Chat

mailtime_5cMailtime makes your Email inbox look like an SMS chat session with added functionality for getting stuff done. Here’s a classic example of what I hear people say every day at work about emails that come across their desk: “TOO LONG; DIDN’T READ.” This really happens! Writing long emails doesn’t mean you are getting more work done.  Instant, short and clear replies present quality mailtime to both mail composers and readers.

I downloaded the app and I absolutely love it! One of its best feature is that it teaches people to keep responses short and sweet! There is no need to write a book to explain yourself… just get to the point! (Similarly, when people ask you a yes/no question, there’s no reason to tell them a short story… – blank stare) Time is money!!!! At the moment it appears that MailTime it only works with Gmail (my account was immediately removed from Apple’s stock iOS client) but let’s hope it adds support for other mail clients (iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail, MyCompany). The notifications are also amazing! Check it out!

3:16 PM I forwarded both my iCloud accounts to my long-time Gmail account just so I can use this app ALL THE TIME! #winning