Money & Happiness

It’s Sunday and this post is a little shallow. Now that we’ve gotten that off the table, let’s talk money and happiness. There are basically two camps when it comes to this topic:

  • Camp one says Money cannot buy happiness.
  • Camp two so says money can buy happiness, often followed by  something like, if you know where to shop, what to buy, etc. 🙋🏽

If you don’t get that tweet, MK = Michael Kors, TB = Tory Burch, KS = Kate Spade

I guess now you know where I sit. Very recently I’ve gotten into high fashion labels. Gucci. Love it. Yves Saint Laurent. Yes! Celine. Prada. MCM. You name it and most often I will love something about it. In fact, if you look in the search history of the Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Barneys apps on my phone – yes, I have them all – you’ll see this trend (closely followed by the New Arrival filter). Beauty, handbags, shoes, accessories – all fair game. My obsession darling, is not limited to any particular category! I don’t buy any or everything because it has one of these labels on it, oh no! I only buy the things I absolutely love – the things that make me happy. And most often after I’ve spent a few weeks looking at every angle from every store that sells it.

Less really is more if it’s high end. ~BriAys

So, back to the title of this post. By no means and I advocating being financially irresponsible. Just the opposite! If you are saving money for things on your priority list (not things someone else or society has told you should be on your list) by all means BUY the things that make you HAPPY. If you like it and it costs a penny, buy it. If you like it and it costs 1,000 pennies, buy it. It may not be designer labels. Maybe it’s books or traveling or coffee cups (guilty). Everybody has something different that they like to indulge in. Whatever it is for you, do that. #thatisall #carryon

pictures not my own