National Lipstick Day

Today I’m traveling with no laptop and no agenda (on purpose) so I’m doing this post from my iPhone. #keepcalmspellcheckqueens 💁🏽

Today is National Lipstick Day! so I decided to share a few things with you: 1) my go-to lipgloss, 2) the ULTIMATE in lipstick treats and 3) an up-and-coming lipstick line that will make you go, hmmmm. 💄💋 So let’s get started!

My go-to, wear every day on top of any lipstick (or by itself) is actually called a lipglass, by Mac in Fantabulous <== that’s the name of the color. I order it online, at least two at a time ($20 each) and you will never catch me without it! There is no real dupe for this shade. #musthave

On to the ULTIMATE package deal: it’s none other than Lips and Boys by Tom Ford – a collection of 10 shades of lipstick, in a pretty little gift box. It will run you a cool $350. 🙄

Finally, let’s talk something new, Lip Whip – it’s a vegan, non-stick, no-smudge lipstick that only comes off with oil!! Swimming? No problem! Working out? No problem!! You can only purchase it online at the moment; but, they do have eye shadows and more. I will be trying this very soon! Check out the video below and follow their account on Instagram.

Happy National Lipstick Day!!!

#BloggingOnAniPhone #notbad