The good life

With vaccine advances related to coronavirus, travel will likely pick up this summer. I already had a slight phobia (called impatience) standing in long lines at the airport. The recent stories of long lines (better known as chaos) don’t make travel any easier of a pill to swallow.

My savior? Elite status. Due to years of loyalty (~15), my Marriott Titanium status is on lock for life (yay upgrades and free food!). After I obtained that, I turned my attention to Delta and it finally paid off. Welcome Platinum status through January 2023! And just in time for the pandemic travel fiasco.

I will not stand in long lines. I will continue to enjoy the comforts and their concierge lounges and I was able to gift my 2-year old son Silver status. Now my attention turns to keeping it. Let the travel planning begin. Happy summer!