Holiday card fancy

Get fancy this holiday season and send a Holiday card from Louis Vuitton! 😍💌

The process is simple – select your envelope (red, purple, blue) then add some fancy stickers! It’s all free and can be emailed to your recipient with a special note or you can care share it on social media. All for free! 🙌🏽

Create your card here.

iPhone 12 Max Pro

Using a company provided phone for many many years has afforded me the opportunity to not have a cell phone bill. Because of archaic/budget conscious practices, this has also meant I was always one or two iPhones behind. As a technologist, this sucked but I never really minded until I saw an iPhone with 3 cameras …

I take A LOT of pictures on my phone. So…. I purchased my own phone and am not looking back! The iPhone 12 Max Pro is #GOALS 🙌🏽. Why?

  1. Amazing camera
  2. Much better battery life
  3. MagSafe charger
  4. Large display

Before I purchased this phone I had no idea what MagSafe was. Suffice it to say, it’s a magnetic driven way to charge your phone that is much easier to connect to your phone and provides a much faster charging experience than the normal iPhone cable.

I also got the 512GB version because I was BEYOND tired of Apple telling me my storage was almost out … #superannoying !!!

Here are a few of the goodies I purchased:

Read more about the iPhone 12 Max Pro here. Products linked here.


Mask in Style

This year I will be sharing non-traditional Christmas gifts. It’s 2020 and nothing so far has been traditional at all!

We will be in masks for quite some time! So why not Mask in Style? At ~$50 a pop, St. John has you covered! It doesn’t matter AT ALL that the world is closed and we are not going ANYWHERE. These masks will step up your grocery store and Target haul game and make you feel fancy at a time when you may not feel fancy at all!

There are many more color choices and patterns available. Enjoy!

Advent Calendars

Hey there! It’s been a while; but, I’m back! ☺️

2020 has been one crazy year and so for that I gave myself permission to start celebrating my favorite time of the year SUPER EARLY! This holiday season I am obsessed with advent calendars! Here are a few of my favorites!

Nespresso ($), L’Occitane ($$), Jo Malone ($$$ I won’t be buying this one), Charlotte Tilbury ($$)

Favorite Notebook & Pen

Since before I can remember, I have always loved to write. I love pretty notebooks, pen and paper. As a child, I used to take a JC Penny Catalog and write down everything I would buy if I was rich. Everything from sheets to clothing, houseware, beauty items, you name it! When I was done, I really enjoyed looking back at my list!

The adult version of my writing past time has turned into planning – writing down how I (will) spend my time, my priorities for the week/month, my financial/profession goals and tasks, everything. I like to write it all down so I can “look back at it.”

My notebook of choice is by Louis Vuitton. I buy (or request them as gifts) because I like the way the look and that they add a luxurious feel to my planning / writing process. My pen of choice is a rollerball by Swarovski. I have the gold one now; but, since my new rainbow-inspired LV notebook has silver foil, I think I will add the silver on to my collection as well!

Follow my planning Instagram account for a view into my planner world.