iPhone 12 Max Pro

Using a company provided phone for many many years has afforded me the opportunity to not have a cell phone bill. Because of archaic/budget conscious practices, this has also meant I was always one or two iPhones behind. As a technologist, this sucked but I never really minded until I saw an iPhone with 3 cameras …

I take A LOT of pictures on my phone. So…. I purchased my own phone and am not looking back! The iPhone 12 Max Pro is #GOALS 🙌🏽. Why?

  1. Amazing camera
  2. Much better battery life
  3. MagSafe charger
  4. Large display

Before I purchased this phone I had no idea what MagSafe was. Suffice it to say, it’s a magnetic driven way to charge your phone that is much easier to connect to your phone and provides a much faster charging experience than the normal iPhone cable.

I also got the 512GB version because I was BEYOND tired of Apple telling me my storage was almost out … #superannoying !!!

Here are a few of the goodies I purchased:

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