Hydrate & Move

Each and every new year, people vow to drink more water (and to move more!). Today, I’m sharing two tools to help you achieve these goals in 2023; but, why wait? Start today with a fancy bluetooth water bootle and Hydrate & Move apparel to get you well on your way! The water bottle comes in different sizes (I purchased the 21 ounce version) and for the apparel, take your pick between colors (gray, black, pink, red) in a t-shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, or hoodie.

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Shop Now

I have a little secret that I want to share with you…. THIS WEEK is the best time to purchase Christmas gifts. I am sure you are saying, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” While that certainly is true, if you shop NOW, you will have the best selection possible AND you can take advantage of discounts but you have to act fast! I am not sure we will see these promotions again this year. Here are a few current promotions for you to consider:

SAKS – Earn a promotional gift card now through October 21st. Use the promotional code OCTGIFTSF.

  • $35 Promotional Gift Card with your $250 purchase
  • $75 Promotional Gift Card with your $500 purchase
  • $200 Promotional Gift Card with your $1000 purchase
  • $600 Promotional Gift Card with your $2000 purchase
  • $900 Promotional Gift Card with your $3000 purchase

BLOOMINGDALE’s – Earn a promotional gift card now through October 23rd. Use the promotional code: SAVEMORE.

  • 20% off orders $100-$249
  • 25% off orders $250-$499
  • 30% off orders $499+

NEIMAN MARCUS – Earn dollars off through October 21st. Use the promotion code: SAVENOW.

  • $50 off $200
  • $100 off $400
  • $275 off $1,000

Other stores have promotions as well so be sure to check those out.

Ok, so here is my strategy: pick a big box store and purchase ALL of your gifts from there. If you plan to spend $75 on mom and $75 on dad, finding gifts at Bloomingdales will automatically save you 20%! Also check your credit card promotions. I currently have one on my American Express for Bloomingdales: spend $100 get $25 back. So in the example above if my order totals $150, Bloomingdales will take 20% off ($30), bringing my order total to $120 and American Express will credit me an additional $25. This means I will get $150 worth of merchandise for $95! #shopsmarter As always, exclusions apply, so read the fine print.

Happy Shopping.

immediately MUTE

In a world where there is so much going on day in and day out, we have to decide where to place our energy. The law of conservation of energy tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form of energy to another (or transferred from one person to another).

We have to decide what we will participate in, engage with, entertain, and even listen to. I think I found the answer to this conundrum. The solution is a message to the whole world: immediately MUTE.

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West Palm Beach Day 1

Get into this boutique hotel by Marriott. (I will tell you the name after I leave!) The hotel is stunning  and fabulous and that’s really all I need to tell you about Day 1. The pics below speak for themselves!

Shortly after arriving and taking a few work meetings, I grabbed lunch at City Cellar in Rosemary Square. I enjoyed a refreshing cucumber lemonade and pear salad while looking at palm trees swaying in the wind – a great introduction to the city! Rosemary Square is a very nice outdoor shopping mall. Great decor, restaurants, shopping and more. You will definitely want to visit this place. It is also home to Restoration Hardware’s restaurant, which I plan to visit later in the week.

Other than exploring the hotel and having an awesome lunch, it was really a chill night (on purpose!). I spent some time with my BFF (agenda), read a magazine (Sweet July), took a nice long shower (you cherish these moments when you have a toddler) and did a little pampering (skincare).

Here’s to Day 1! Xoxo, Bri Alys