Favorite Planner Shops

If you’re a #plannergirl like me, this post is just for you! I’ve shared my planner setup before (see Louis Vuitton GM/Large Agenda Setup); but, today I thought I would share my new favorite (shops). All shops notes below are ran by women and made in the U.S.A. šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø


Preferred: My first love was SessaVee (instagram). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her clean design, font selection, spacing and how she uses variable line width to make certain sections of her inserts pop. Unfortunately, product availability is SUPER sketchy so I no longer use this shop’s selection as the anchor in my planner. She now has printables on Etsy but I’m SSSOOOĀ  not into doing that. PS…. I wish she would bring back the originals!!!!

I am signedĀ  upĀ  forĀ  Sessa Vee’s productĀ  launchĀ  announcementĀ  andĀ  amĀ  hopingĀ  forĀ  theĀ  best!Ā  šŸ¤žšŸ½Actual Inserts (New): 8LotusĀ  (instagram) is a new shop for me. The designs are classic, chic and minimalist. The packaging is great, flexible layouts and the line spacing is phenomenal.


Other Goodies: Cloth & Paper hands down for stickers and sticky notes – they are gorgeous. I also LOVE her yearly calendars and dividers!!!! I can’t use her planner inserts or note paper because the lines are TOO WIDE! They are beautiful but when I used them I feel like hooked on phonics, like I have to write super big to fill the space. Valuable room is being wasted here! Also, the time on the dailies only go until 10 pm. #bummer (if you’re listening, please offer college rule, thanks!!!)

I also like Minted Sugar (instagram) for their pink (textured) line paper. I use this for specialty things… planning a vacation, packing list, special occasions, etc.

So those are my fav’s. I also have a new favorite #plannergirl that I follow on YouTube. Check out her video below.

Psst… I’m thinking to do a planner setup video on YouTube so, so stay tuned to my channel!


Macintosh turns 35

Remember me? I just turned 35 years old! In 1984, I cost $2,500 and came equipped with a 9-inch black and white monitor #yikes! Compare the 1984 model with the swankiest version available today– $2,299.00 for a 27-inch screen with a Retina 5K display. šŸ‘€šŸ‘šŸ½

In 2013 I visited the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, WA and got a chance to experience many working iterations of Apple’s Macintosh computer.Ā There’s also an Apple Museum in Prague – you can check out the 3D TourĀ here.

If you want an even more personal trip down memory lane, check out theĀ Macintosh Software Library where you can play old-school games and applications right in your browser!

Best of Chloe

Chloe. AĀ French luxury fashion house founded in 1952 and sold in high end stores like Nordstrom, SaksĀ (best collection) and Neiman Marcus. I absolutely LOVEĀ this designer’s sophisticated pieces and clean lines – mostly their accessories like handbags, shoes and jewelry. Chloe has the absolute PERFECT shade of gray and THEĀ prettiest pink for Spring. The calfskin leather is also amazing. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their current collection. #wantitall šŸ˜©

ConsiderĀ Chloe’sĀ most popular handbag, TheĀ Marcie Medium Satchel. It comes in 12 colors (red not shown) and I can honestly see myself carrying most, if not ALL of themĀ depending on the timeĀ of year. Pick ANYĀ color… you can’t go wrong!!!

While we’re at it, take a look at Chloe’s 2017 Fall/Winter Runway on YouTubeĀ šŸ˜ or check out #chloegirls on InstagramĀ for the latest fashion trends.

Smart Jackets

Hey peeps, it’s been a while šŸ™‚ Honestly, I really haven’t hadĀ anything important to say. So, instead of putting out a postĀ just for the sake of it, I choose not to blog at all until, something interesting and/or exciting comes along.

I’ve already told you that I ā¤ļø collaborations and that I hope to see many more! Smart Jackets is a collaboration between Levi (yes, the jeans company) and Google and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a wirelessĀ enabled jean jacket – that will cost you $350.Ā Mashable notes, “…for now the jacket is mainly used to control core features of your smartphone, like starting or stopping music, answering the phone or reading text messages, as well as Google services like Maps and Calendar.” iPhone users are out of luck – at least until Apple announces a similar partnership with another popular jeans brand and we all are again, forced to pick sides… sigh.

You all know I love technology; but, I do just have to say one thing here, especially in the age of leaks, breaches and hacks. The more connected we are, the more vulnerable we are and our (perceived) “safeness” lies solely in these company’s ability to protect their infrastructure (severs, databases, etc.) from outside intrusions. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy this jacket or that you shouldĀ be paranoid about everything that’s connected or that we should allĀ go back using to flip phones. What I am saying is everyone needs to be aware. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your perspective), this is the economy we live in and the way of the world/future (see also Drones).

You can watchĀ Levi’s smartĀ jacket in action below.