Favorite Planner Shops

If you’re a #plannergirl like me, this post is just for you! I’ve shared my planner setup before (see Louis Vuitton GM/Large Agenda Setup); but, today I thought I would share my new favorite (shops). All shops notes below are ran by women and made in the U.S.A. ūüáļūüáł


Preferred: My first love was SessaVee (instagram). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her clean design, font selection, spacing and how she uses variable line width to make certain sections of her inserts pop. Unfortunately, product availability is SUPER sketchy so I no longer use this shop’s selection as the anchor in my planner. She now has printables on Etsy but I’m SSSOOO¬† not into doing that. PS…. I wish she would bring back the originals!!!!

I am signed¬† up¬† for¬† Sessa Vee’s product¬† launch¬† announcement¬† and¬† am¬† hoping¬† for¬† the¬† best!¬† ūü§ěūüŹĹActual Inserts (New): 8Lotus¬† (instagram) is a new shop for me. The designs are classic, chic and minimalist. The packaging is great, flexible layouts and the line spacing is phenomenal.


Other Goodies: Cloth & Paper hands down for stickers and sticky notes – they are gorgeous. I also LOVE her yearly calendars and dividers!!!! I can’t use her planner inserts or note paper because the lines are TOO WIDE! They are beautiful but when I used them I feel like hooked on phonics, like I have to write super big to fill the space. Valuable room is being wasted here! Also, the time on the dailies only go until 10 pm. #bummer (if you’re listening, please offer college rule, thanks!!!)

I also like Minted Sugar (instagram) for their pink (textured) line paper. I use this for specialty things… planning a vacation, packing list, special occasions, etc.

So those are my fav’s. I also have a new favorite #plannergirl that I follow on YouTube. Check out her video below.

Psst… I’m thinking to do a planner setup video on YouTube so, so stay tuned to my channel!


Planning Season

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.28.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.56.31 PMLet’s start with this: I’ve always loved paper and Planning Season isn’t a real thing (that I know of) – I made it up because I just bought a fabulous new planner and I’ve been super addicted¬†to #everythingplanning¬†for the last few weeks. So today I want to share an amazingly chic and super affordable resource for all your planning needs!¬†One of my secrets is none other than Target (pronounced tar-jay…) via a boutique in LA called Sugar Paper. If you’re a girly girl and you like colors like blush, gold, whites and grays then you’re in for a real treat!¬†Sugar Paper¬†has¬†so many great pieces¬†I don’t know even where to start… so instead of writing too much more, I’ll show you a¬†few of my favorite pieces from their latest collection (click¬†images to shop).

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.07.17 PM

Document folder turned laptop¬†case #gotit. if you have a gold macbook it’s a must have!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.14.39 PM

An assortment of 2017 planners. The gray & white striped planner towards the bottom right is #everything. This pic does NOT do it justice. It also took #everything I had to leave this piece¬†in the store ūüė©

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.00.37 PMSuper chic weekly planning pad – will use this at work. (not sold in stores)

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.36.55 PM

The cutest little post it notes!

Take your pick of¬†ANYTHING¬†on their site. You really can’t go wrong! Want more pictures??! Check out the following hashtags on Instagram: ¬†#sugarpaper¬†#sugarpaperla. You can shop all Sugar Paper LA’s products at Target here¬†or visit their website. Happy Planning!

gray & gold notebook in cover photo – must find & buy in store

Run Your Personal Finances Like a Business

An article from¬†The College Investor, How To Run Your Personal Finances Like a Business, was referenced in one of the blogs I read daily. I absolutely LOVE the concept because one of the things I learned early while in the MBA program at Case Western Reserve University¬†is that what you learn is not just for business; it can and SHOULD be applied to your personal life as well (Finance, Economics, Accounting, etc.). On a daily basis we do the same types of things corporations do: we¬†find ways to earn income and analyze our expenses (operating costs). We also plan for “life events” like saving for a house or buying a car (long-term, strategic planning).

UnknownBusinesses have full-time people dedicated to analyzing their financial position. On a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis they generate financial documents, like income statements (explained below) and have formal review sessions to gain insight/understanding into how they performed against the plan and how it positions them for the future. How often do you review your financial position? Not just what you spend last week but also your 401K, insurance policies, stock growth, rate of return on your savings account?¬†There is SO¬†much to learn¬†(which I also love) and I’m diving in head first with resources like Early Retirement Extreme and Smart Women Finish Rich.

3700bc66e0a8a53960de7873cb1c0937You MUST use Mint. It automates a lot of mundane tasks for you Рthe same types of tasks businesses pay software engineers to develop for them so they can focus on value-added tasks like analyzing trends, comparing year over year expenses/revenue, etc.  Mint calculates your monthly net income (income Рexpenses) automatically on a monthly basis. Access-anywhere (mobile, desktop) templates like Google Docs work well also. (I happen to use both, for different purposes).

The article details 5 steps to running your personal finances like a business:

  1. Create Income Streams

  2. Slash Your Operating Costs

  3. Pay Your Employees First (i.e. yourself)

  4. Insure Your Risks

  5. Make Your Money Grow

  6. Fine Tune Your Systems

  7. Think Long Term

If you come across unknown terms or phrases as you read through this material, you can use resources like Investopedia, iTunesU and even Google Search to gain a better understanding. Take it slow and don’t give up!

Happy Financial Planning!