It’s a term I absolutely love! According to a popular¬†Netflix movie, a #girlboss is strong, smart, resilient, opinionated, confident and feisty! Do you agree? If not, no worries! Everyone has a different definition. While the point is to define what being a #girlboss means FOR YOU, the more important thing is to BE THAT. In your personal life, work life or however else you define your life.


Not someone else’s. Live your best life. Stay in your lane and mind your own business. ūüôčūüŹĹ If you need to find (or re-find) inspiration you can listen to a #girlboss playlist (Spotify), read a #girlboss book, check out #girlboss quotes on Pinterest, set up a #girlboss lockscreen on your phone or take a #girlboss¬†trip. #whateverworks


You can be 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 100+! Just know that while you are doing all those things, so are others and it’s okay! For me, being a #girlboss¬†means protecting my space and my peace. I guard that very closely because most times I just CANNOT!!!! ūüöę


FACT: I like writing and paper. And guess what? So do A LOT of other people. As normal, we take the things we love whole new #levels! See also: Planner Situation, my current favorite pen¬†(there’s nothing wrong with a little bling!) or Shop PaperSource. Another one of my personal #girlboss criteria is to have order in my life – in written form of course – (and to look the part ūüėČ)! The essential item I use to do this is an agenda. Mine is currently being repaired and I feel SO VERY stifled. ūüė©

You may have noticed I underlined a few words above: FIND, BE, DO, LIVE. They are all verbs because at the heart of being a #girlboss is to take ACTION.

GO. GET. IT. ūüĖ§

Planner Situation

A few weeks ago I told you planning season was officially underway (for me). Now I’ve found #plannerpeace <== the state in which you are finally happy with your planner setup, accessories, layout, etc. There are SO many videos on YouTube of people walking through their planner, some in excruciating detail. And while I do want to join the party and show off my setup, I decided to take a different¬†approach. So here goes (click the links to shop):

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.06.26 PM

My agenda is on the left, next to my 12″ gold macbook and iPad 2 air¬†(housed in a fabulous¬†Kate Spade case¬†#love), shown just so you can get a feel for the size (gold scissors). In terms of the size, it’s¬†very generous¬†and offers plenty of space for planning and note taking. #love2write

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.15.14 PM

The picture above shows my “dashboard” – the first view I see when I open my planner. gold/marble pocket, pink &¬†white post-it-notes,¬†bow paper clip, bee stickers, square clips, gold pen. I found all this stuff by watching TONS¬†of YouTube videos. The dark brown paper with the markings is¬†just¬†a receipt holder from the Louis Vuitton store. It’s sturdy enough to ensure those impressions, caused by the rings, don’t make their way onto the¬†planner itself. I also have one in the back.

So what’s inside? I’m into more of a minimalist look so you won’t see tons of stickers, etc. I do use washi tape¬†VERY sparingly, mostly in gold, black, white and blush¬†(the theme for my planner). Inside I have 3 2 sections: planning, personal notes and work notes. #simple

The first section, shown above, is my planning section. This marble A5 paper, intended for daily use,¬†is amazing; however,¬†I do not use it as suggested. I use a coding system that I learned¬†while in grad school to notate days of the week. Most are pretty straight forward except N = Sunday and R =¬†Thursday. For me, each side of one of these planning pages = 1 week worth of planning. I note recurring appointments simply by using two letters together (i.e. MW = Monday and Wednesday) and use the extra space at the bottom¬†for notes, etc. I do not write down all of my work stuff, only the most important meetings. Finally, my tasks / priorities for the week are listed on the right hand side. This¬†paper is expensive, $11 for 30 sheets (or 60 days); but, by using a short hand system that works perfectly fine for my needs, I get more bang for my buck (1 pack gets me through the year); but, more importantly I avoid lugging around hundreds of pages of paper – the weight CAN add up. ūüė©

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.31.33 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.18.31 PM

Sections 2 and 3 are strictly for note taking, because I like to write – a lot. I use blush lined paper for my personal, more important notes (poems, etc.) and plain white lined paper for work and general¬†scratch paper¬†(packing lists, etc.) Sure, you can print this paper yourself, cut and hole punch it, etc, but honestly, I’d rather not.¬†The¬†stickers¬†are¬†there for decoration only, I never actually use them.

8/28: Update – I merged sections 2 and 3 (notes section) and exclusively use the blush paper from Minted Sugar for all my notes.

So there you have it. That’s my #plannersituation! Very simple. Here are my favorite shops: sessa vee, minted sugar, cloth & paper. Oh and BTW,¬†you probably noticed a black card peaking out in the very first picture – it’s my absolute favorite card of all time and I LOVE looking at it!


Transparent Flyleaf (used to separate note sections), Zipper Pouch for stickers

BONUS:¬†Of all the YouTube channels¬†I watched about planner setups – and I watch A LOT of them¬†–¬†the video¬†below was most helpful for me. ¬†Hope it helps you, too! #happyplanning

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.23.53 PM


Planning Season

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.28.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.56.31 PMLet’s start with this: I’ve always loved paper and Planning Season isn’t a real thing (that I know of) – I made it up because I just bought a fabulous new planner and I’ve been super addicted¬†to #everythingplanning¬†for the last few weeks. So today I want to share an amazingly chic and super affordable resource for all your planning needs!¬†One of my secrets is none other than Target (pronounced tar-jay…) via a boutique in LA called Sugar Paper. If you’re a girly girl and you like colors like blush, gold, whites and grays then you’re in for a real treat!¬†Sugar Paper¬†has¬†so many great pieces¬†I don’t know even where to start… so instead of writing too much more, I’ll show you a¬†few of my favorite pieces from their latest collection (click¬†images to shop).

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.07.17 PM

Document folder turned laptop¬†case #gotit. if you have a gold macbook it’s a must have!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.14.39 PM

An assortment of 2017 planners. The gray & white striped planner towards the bottom right is #everything. This pic does NOT do it justice. It also took #everything I had to leave this piece¬†in the store ūüė©

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.00.37 PMSuper chic weekly planning pad – will use this at work. (not sold in stores)

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.36.55 PM

The cutest little post it notes!

Take your pick of¬†ANYTHING¬†on their site. You really can’t go wrong! Want more pictures??! Check out the following hashtags on Instagram: ¬†#sugarpaper¬†#sugarpaperla. You can shop all Sugar Paper LA’s products at Target here¬†or visit their website. Happy Planning!

gray & gold notebook in cover photo – must find & buy in store