It’s a term I absolutely love! According to a popular¬†Netflix movie, a #girlboss is strong, smart, resilient, opinionated, confident and feisty! Do you agree? If not, no worries! Everyone has a different definition. While the point is to define what being a #girlboss means FOR YOU, the more important thing is to BE THAT. In your personal life, work life or however else you define your life.


Not someone else’s. Live your best life. Stay in your lane and mind your own business. ūüôčūüŹĹ If you need to find (or re-find) inspiration you can listen to a #girlboss playlist (Spotify), read a #girlboss book, check out #girlboss quotes on Pinterest, set up a #girlboss lockscreen on your phone or take a #girlboss¬†trip. #whateverworks


You can be 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 100+! Just know that while you are doing all those things, so are others and it’s okay! For me, being a #girlboss¬†means protecting my space and my peace. I guard that very closely because most times I just CANNOT!!!! ūüöę


FACT: I like writing and paper. And guess what? So do A LOT of other people. As normal, we take the things we love whole new #levels! See also: Planner Situation, my current favorite pen¬†(there’s nothing wrong with a little bling!) or Shop PaperSource. Another one of my personal #girlboss criteria is to have order in my life – in written form of course – (and to look the part ūüėČ)! The essential item I use to do this is an agenda. Mine is currently being repaired and I feel SO VERY stifled. ūüė©

You may have noticed I underlined a few words above: FIND, BE, DO, LIVE. They are all verbs because at the heart of being a #girlboss is to take ACTION.

GO. GET. IT. ūüĖ§

Buyable Pins + Alerts


Pinterest is the ultimate website for inspiration. From outfits, recipes, decorating tips and more, the site certainly delivers in the imagination space. It’s like your personal digital scrapbook of all the thing you love and admire. Some would even call it their personal alwasy-uo-to-date vision board. But how does the company make money? Pinterest has¬†a headquarters, employees and all the other overhead you’d expect from a company.

Learn more about Pinterest at Tech Crunch’s Tech Cribs

This is the challenge for a lot of¬†new companies that offer a “free” service. Think Twitter, Pandora and others. One of the ways Pandora generates revenue is by forcing free users to listen to ads, while Twitter continues¬†to struggle to identify its revenue stream, which does not still well with¬†investors.

Pinterest now lets you know when prices drop on pins you’ve saved. So let’s say you’re browsing the site and see something you like, naturally you “pin” the item it to one of your boards. (In cases where the Pinners have set this up) you can also¬†you click on the Buy button¬†and purchase an item from a 3rd party website and the company gets a kick-back, “referral” or commission so to speak. Typically what I would do if I see something I¬†like (on any website) but think it¬†is too expensive, I’ll navigate over to ShopStyle and set up an alert. ShopStyle notifies me via email and an in app alert when the item goes on sale, then I can scoot right over and purchase it at a price that is in line with my budget. ShopStyle¬†has been¬†my go-to service and I can’t tell you how many times I¬†use it to understand which retailer has an item I want, know when the item goes on sale and to use as a data point when I seek PRICE MATCHES for items I couldn’t live without.

Now, once you pin an item that has a buy button attached to it, you can ALSO sign up to get email or in-app notifications when the price drops. You an even check out pins that are on sale now. #HappyShopping

What is a Hashtag?

Let me teach you about hashtags and how to use them! First, I Googled, “What is a hashtag?” in hopes that someone has already come up with an easy definition that I can relay to you in the simplest way possible. #wrong My primary problem is that the first few definitions I ran across don’t cover both sides of the equation. So here’s my definition:

A hashtag is a way for people to contribute to or search for a particular theme on social media.

All you need¬†to do¬†is to type¬†the hash symbol (#) followed by a theme, i.e. #cat and you have made a hashtag. Congratulations! All social media outlets understand hashtags just like all people know how to count to 5 (duh). So¬†for example,¬†if you (let’s call you Tiffany – hey girl!) want to¬†post/share a picture of you and your cat to Twitter, Instragram, Facebook, Tubmlr, Google+, We Heart It, Vine or Pinterest. In the comments section you may write, Love my¬†#cat. You can even get fancy and write:

Love my¬†#cat. #furryfriend #catlover #atlanta ¬†#rescue #animalshelter #bestcatintheworld”

(bold letters for emphasis only)¬†You can choose whatever theme/phrase you want and it can also be more than one word! You really would be amazed how long some people’s hashtags are and how many they use at one time. So that’s the contribution part.

Now, on to the¬†search part, or what I like to call usage. Why do people use hashtags anyway? It must serve some purpose, right? This time, yes! Going back to our cat example above, let’s assume a guy, James,¬†has just¬†moved to Atlanta and wants to find other cat lovers in the¬†area. How can he¬†do that, leveraging hashtags? Well, James can open up any social media app / website and search to find exactly what he is¬†looking for. For the search criteria he may type in¬†“#lovemycat” or “#catlover” and guess what – he’ll see Tiffany’s¬†post as well as anyone else who has used the hashtag. James opens your (I mean)¬†Tiffany’s¬†post,¬†likes it.¬†Tiffany¬†notices how cute James is, sends him a DM (direct message), they go out on a date, then another one and they live happily every after. #kidding #tangent #itwasfunthough #lol

One more example – FASHION! Suppose you have a shiny new red skirt in your closet and you’re stumped about¬†what to pair it with. Just hop on your favorite social media site, search for #redskirt and get tons of inspiration!¬†Trust me when I say you will have no problem finding someone who has used this exact same hashtag. Some people post pictures of their outfits every day!

Here are the results of my #redskirt search on Instagram yesterday. It returned 20k+ pics. Happy hashtagging!!!


Why You Should Heart It

heartitTeens are paving the way in Social Media: They flocked to Instagram and we followed. Then they went to Snapchat and that became the big thing. Now you have yet another picture-driven social media platform to catch up on, We♥It. (think Pinterest).

Even though I absolutely L*O*V*E Pinterest (see Commandment #2)¬†, I’ve been playing around with We‚ô•It for a couple of days. Since the best way to show differences is by contrast, I used this list of most-searched terms in 2013 and¬†executed the same searches on both platforms using my iPad mini. The series of images below compares search results from the main screen only: Pinterest on the left, We‚ô•It on the right. Notice any trends that favor We‚ô•It? No words, 2) More images, 3) Collections (“boards”¬†people have made with this tag), 4) Hearters (other people who have liked the tag).

The We‚ô•It site is just more fun, more hip. Right on the main page it says: Believe,¬†Feel, Love,¬†Be, Create,¬†Inspire. Doesn’t that just make you feel amazing? I must admit at times I’ve felt as though I’ve reached the end of Pinterest; but, on We‚ô•It’s site, I feel like there is endless scrolling (maybe because I’m newer to this app.. Time to update my Commandments!). What’s even better is that it shows you top tags and you can see what’s trending yesterday or last week!

Happy Hearting!‚ô•

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