Why You Should Heart It

heartitTeens are paving the way in Social Media: They flocked to Instagram and we followed. Then they went to Snapchat and that became the big thing. Now you have yet another picture-driven social media platform to catch up on, We♥It. (think Pinterest).

Even though I absolutely L*O*V*E Pinterest (see Commandment #2) , I’ve been playing around with We♥It for a couple of days. Since the best way to show differences is by contrast, I used this list of most-searched terms in 2013 and executed the same searches on both platforms using my iPad mini. The series of images below compares search results from the main screen only: Pinterest on the left, We♥It on the right. Notice any trends that favor We♥It? No words, 2) More images, 3) Collections (“boards” people have made with this tag), 4) Hearters (other people who have liked the tag).

The We♥It site is just more fun, more hip. Right on the main page it says: Believe, Feel, Love, Be, Create, Inspire. Doesn’t that just make you feel amazing? I must admit at times I’ve felt as though I’ve reached the end of Pinterest; but, on We♥It’s site, I feel like there is endless scrolling (maybe because I’m newer to this app.. Time to update my Commandments!). What’s even better is that it shows you top tags and you can see what’s trending yesterday or last week!

Happy Hearting!

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