Cooking with Apple Watch

s38rg-sblv-sel-201509_GEO_USI love my Apple Watch. One unexpected place I’ve been using it a lot is in the kitchen. Ever throw something in the oven, set the timer, then wonder to the other side of the house? Sure, the timer does goes off but my stove is a basic model and the timer is not very loud. Often times I miss it going off.

This is where my Apple Watch helps. I turn on the oven then throw whatever I’m cooking in (yes, even while it’s pre-heating). As I’m walking away I raise my wrist and say, “Hey Siri.” Siri automatically wakes up and then I say, “Set alarm for 6 pm or Set alarm for 20 minutes“. The alarm magically gets set and 30 minutes later, my wrist beeps and/or gently vibrates depending on my settings. That’s my reminder to go and check on my dish! I can dismiss the timer or snooze. There is no way I will not hear / feel this handy dandy reminder (really, you can use this feature for any type of alarm. I’ve just found it particularly useful for cooking – and waking up in the morning)

So I decided to check out what other apps or features are useful in the kitchen and I found one particularly helpful – Epicurious Cooking Instructions With New Smart Timer App.  “You select a food you want to cook on your iPhone—maybe roast beets or a pan-seared steak—the screen tells you to set your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or get that cast iron pan on the stove, and then your phone beams a step-by-step timer to your wrist. It’ll count down the time, vibrate at any important moment (like when you should flip that steak), and then right before the steak is done, provide a few words and a thumbnail image that shows how you can tell the dish is done—something along the lines of, “The steak is browned but soft when poked in the middle.” (FastCodeDesign)

#HappyCooking and check out the short video demo below.