News My Way

malcolm-x-quote-newspapersI’m done with traditional news outlets: local and national. The BeFreeProject recently reinforced my skill to learn to say no without explaining myself and I’m doing just that! In case you haven’t learned, I love to read and do it daily! So when it comes specifically to news, what do I read? Depends.

  • Live Updates: When I know to know about things happening on the ground, my go-to is Twitter. It becomes a news station by the people. You get all sides, uncoated and you get to decide for yourself! Search using specific keywords or hashtags (to stay up-to date on the latest. You’ll quickly find sources that you trust and give great overviews of what’s happening on the ground.

  • General/National News: VICE. This site is amazing and I absolutely love the show on HBO. But they also report regularly on a wide range go (global) topics. This source will definitely expand your knowledge of what most national news agencies would characterize as “less-important.”

  • Finance/Economy: Armstrong Economics. This guy has great general knowledge and always presents current events with a historic context. He shoots it to you straight and challenges your every assumption. You may not always agree but he does present the facts in an unbiased way. That’s what we want from news, right? 

  • Black People’s News: I recently told my husband, “Black people get the award for inclusiveness. Meanwhile, we are losing.” I won’t apologize for seeking out and tuning in to news from people who look like me. To that extent, I will watch local and national news that is being reported by people who look like I look. It doesn’t mean I agree with everything they may say, the key is that they tend to care about what I care about (“our issues”) and most often will present both sides of an argument. Ironically, most of these shows are on MSBNC: Melissa Harris-Perry Show, The Reid Report, Politics Nation (less often) and News One Now (I can only take so much of the host’s “personality”)

All these sites/shows have websites, Twitter, YouTube accounts and live feeds. Even if you don’t have cable, you can get most of it for free (online). Do a quick search (or click the links above) and you’ll be well on your way.