College Football Confidential

I had no intentions of writing a 2nd blog post today (you can read the 1st one here). But while watching Mike & Mike this morning I heard the results of ESPN The Magazine’s College Football Confidential Poll 2015. The poll includes insights from 99 college football athletes who were asked questions about coaches, teams and players. Now, given that today starts the 2015 College Football Season I couldn’t resist. I immediately picked up my iPad, fired up my Next Issue app, opened the September Edition of ESPN The Magazine and dove right in (page 28 if you want to read it yourself). In this post I’ll also give you a few resources to stay abreast of #AllThingsCollegeFootball First, the results of the poll.


Any surprises? Not for me. Hopefully your favorite team is mentioned. If not, you can watch mine #RollTide I also want to share the best sites to stay up to date on #the College Footballs Schedule. I like to keep up with the big name schools as well as HBCU’s so I’m sharing two sites. The trophies go to: Onnidan (HBCU focused, also shows Homecomings #turnup) and ESPN (All NCAAF). And here’s the nationally televised game schedule for tonight.


If you want to see the coolest photos in College football, definitely follow the College Football Playoff Instagram account. They post pictures from all teams in all conferences so you’ll definitely get the best shots and view of the game.

Finally, the video below should keep you highly entertained. You can also wait patiently for Nick Saban to join Twitter. #GoBama #PhyllisForPresident


Today is the day! The National Football League kicks-off its 95th season as the Green Bay Packer face the Seattle Seahawks. Who’s excited??? (raises hand) Did you know CoverGirl is the official beauty sponsor of the NFL? I didn’t until I  watched the video (below) on Instagram. According to HelloBeautiful, the duo is offering 32 “fanicure” sets which will include two to five nail polishes and step-by-step tutorials curated by their beauty experts. AMAZE-BALLS! You can purchase these sets online starting tomorrow. Enjoy!




NFL for Microsoft

It’s Sunday! And in just a few short weeks, most of America will be tuned into FOX, NBC and CBS to watch the upcoming season of the National Football League. (Some of us will even adjust our church and work schedules.) Did you know that NFL team photographers take 2 Polaroid shots just before and after the snap at every NFL game? Up until this season, they actually take physical photographs, print them out and run them over to the coaches for analysis throughout the game. Well, that’s about to change!

This coming season, instead of NFL teams using Polaroids to take pictures before and after the snap, each team will now use Surface Tablets by Microsoft. “The tech upgrade comes as part of a deal between the NFL and Microsoft. The new tech, at the very least, gets images to the sidelines 15 to 25 seconds faster than those Polaroid photos of old. Microsoft even developed a private wireless networks in each stadium that are only used by the game tablets.” The Verge

UnknownMicrosoft Surface is the official tablet of the NFL and both are working together to revolutionize the way coaches and medical staff view data about the game, real-time, including play books and managing confusions and other medical data. This is just one of many collaborations between the NFL and Microsoft (see also Xbox). 

Since we’re on the subject, I must say, Here We Go Steelers! (waves terrible towel) Schedule Instagram iCal