Nickels and Dimes

new23622When it comes to money, there are two things that matter: deposits and withdrawals. And only one thing to remember: automate everything!

First, let’s talk DEPOSITS. Setting up direct deposit with your employers is a no brainer. But what about those one-offs: those rare times when you need to deposit a check or a money order? Introducing Chase QuickDeposit! Your cell phone’s camera is more for snapping hot pics of your new outfit for Instagram. You can use it for deposing checks as well. No trip to the bank, no filling out those little deposit slips. It’s free, it’s convenient and it’s FAST. If your bank doesn’t have this feature, they are way behind the curve. Switch now! Wells Fargo Bank of America

WITHDRAWALS. First, let’s talk bills. #1 rule is DON’T PAY BILLS. EVER. Why waste your precious time when you can automate it all! Recurring bills like cell phones, cable, car insurance should all be setup to automatically be charged to your credit card – the one that earns you the very best rewards for your lifestyle (more on that later). Then there are certain things like student loans, tithes and rent that can’t be charged to a credit card. What’s a girl to do?? Set up a recurring check payment through your bank. Payment to popular merchants can post the next business day. Set it and forget it! Remember that monthly credit card payment? Add that one, too!

Now, there may be times where you want to look at the details of each bill, right? I just KNOW everyone is signed up for electronic billing everywhere… instead of logging into each account one-by-one use MANILLA. Just add your accounts and you’ll have access to all your bills in one place! You can even setup statement notification alerts. There’s also a mobile app in Apple and Google’s app stores.

Now, exchanging money with another person can be tricky. There’s PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union and others that all have one thing in common: service charges. Not only are you already making a withdrawal, you have to pay to get your money out, too?! A better option? Your bank! At Chase, all you need is a name and an email address. You can also use this same service to request money. No driving across town to meet up, no rushing off to to a store, no sharing of account numbers and most importantly no extra fees. Most other banks have this option as well. Again, if they don’t SWITCH.

The next and final task is to ANALYZE your DEPOSITS and WITHDRAWALS. One word for this: Mint. Just like Manilla, add your accounts and you’re all set. Each transaction is AUTOMATICALLY categorized and you can also setup budgets and alerts. The best part is that it will pull in your history and show you a graphical analysis of where your spending is going in categories like Dining, Entertainment and Shopping. Unless you are already tracking this in excel, be prepared to be shocked! And don’t forget to install the mobile app, too.

There you have it. Nickels, Dimes and Technology from every angle. Enjoy!