In Trouble? Press GO

Are in an abusive relationship? Do you have a teenager who walks home from school alone? Does anyone in your circle go out on blind dates? A new app, called Aspire, can save lives!

Aspire is cleverly disguised as a normal mobile app. Whenever you need to send a distress signal, you activate the GO button (by tapping the title bar 3 times), which sends a message to your family/friends you have identified as trusted contacts. Once the signal is sent, your phone also AUTOMATICALLY starts recording audio of what’s happening around you so you will have proof of exchanges that took place. You can also elect to send a signal (including your location to 911). This app is the first of it’s kind and is being touted as a trailblazer in domestic violence prevention.

The app is FREE, includes educational information and shelter locators. Download it now on your Android or iOS device. To learn more,