What is https and why should you care? That’s the topic for today’s post!

HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication, widely used on the Internet. When you enter data into  website (i.e name, address, credit card number), the owner of the website has to “send” this information somewhere for processing. HTTP on the other hand is a unsecure protocol for communication.

Let’s use an analogy to illustrate: if an armed guard needs to transfer money from his truck to a bank, he could simply put the money in a paper bag that anyone can open (think HTTP), or he can put the cash in a safe that only the bank has the combination to unlock (think HTTPS).

HTTPS is the protection of exchanged data while in transit. wikipedia

HTTPS is not 100% foolproof because keys/combinations can always be hacked; but, when you see this designation on a website you can be a little more sure protection in is place.

Feel smarter? If you know to look for HTTPS before entering personal data into a website, I’d say you are!


When Robots Fly Planes

Mashable produced a list of 9 jobs that could be replaced by robots in 2015. Most of the professions on the list are in service industries (barista, hotel concierge, etc). The most fascinating to make the list is the concept of a robot flying a plane.

Pibot is a humanoid robot to the fullest extent, with arms, legs, head and eyes. The robot is able to manipulate a plane’s control deck and is interfaced with the plane’s sensors to fulfill all the functions of a real pilot. Pibot is also equipped with real-time computer vision to direct a plane during take-off and landing.

Don’t just think about robots flying passenger planes… think also about military application.


In Trouble? Press GO

Are in an abusive relationship? Do you have a teenager who walks home from school alone? Does anyone in your circle go out on blind dates? A new app, called Aspire, can save lives!

Aspire is cleverly disguised as a normal mobile app. Whenever you need to send a distress signal, you activate the GO button (by tapping the title bar 3 times), which sends a message to your family/friends you have identified as trusted contacts. Once the signal is sent, your phone also AUTOMATICALLY starts recording audio of what’s happening around you so you will have proof of exchanges that took place. You can also elect to send a signal (including your location to 911). This app is the first of it’s kind and is being touted as a trailblazer in domestic violence prevention.

The app is FREE, includes educational information and shelter locators. Download it now on your Android or iOS device. To learn more,