Simplicity wins with News

news(iOS only) I’ve written about Yahoo in the past and shared my thoughts on why news would be a major focus for the company. I’ve also told you that with all the news options out there, I’m still not satisfied. On the last day of 2013, Yahoo released a new mobile app, called Yahoo News Digest that is amazing! The app is sleek and presents the top 10 news stories at two times during the day: 8 am and 6 pm. When you’ve read all 10 articles, you get a green light!

The best part about Yahoo News Digest is that it pulls in live data from around the web and incorporates into right into the article in a non-obtrusive way. Before you even open an article tiny, familiar icons signal additional content: stock price, videos, Wikipedia, tweets, maps and more!

Yahoo’s news app is #winning because of one reason: SIMPLICTY. They’ve gotten back to basics and given people what they want with news: clean text and a sense of accomplishment. I just hope they offer a paid version to rid the app of ads, once that ship sails. Download the app here.