Outlook for iOS, Android

-wECB4Xr_400x400Microsoft released a surprise in the wee hours of the night. Outlook for iOS and Android devices. “If you’re a consumer, just download the free apps from the Google Play [or iOS] store and then log in with your Microsoft Account to create files, print and perform day-to-day editing for free.”

It really is that simple! Adding Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud accounts look very similar to the native iOS process.  Here are the links to download Outlook for Android, iOS. While you’re at it, check out Office Mobile.

Best Weather App

yahThe best app goes to Yahoo! Weather. Available for Apple and Android devices, the weather app is ad-free and gives you all the details you need to prepare for the day, including hourly, 10-day and 24-hour temperature forecasts, severe weather alerts, animated sunrise & sunset times and wind & pressure modules, daily weather notifications and more! The App’s best feature, by far, is its integration with Flickr:

Don’t just check the weather – see it. Only Yahoo Weather brings you Flickr photos of your location and current conditions, backed by the most accurate forecasts.



World 3.0, Yahoo Style

World 3.0. That’s Katie Couric’s new Yahoo series that highlights, “Leaders in technology, health, philanthropy and business share the secrets of their success and the innovations that are improving, and in some cases disrupting, their industries.”

5791f54379a8ce488f753ca7f31013d4The Economist wrote about Technology being an enabler of The Sharing Economy back in 2013 and Katie’s spotlight is on, probably the most controversial compan, flirting with (and making a fortune off of) this concept today. Airbnb is a site that allows ordinary people all around the globe to rent spaces in their homes or apartments for short periods of time. New York, among other municipalities have taken issue with this service and have taken Airbnb to court.

“When you have people in your home, you’re a person. The second you charge one person, on weekend, you’re a business” and as such you have to be regulated the same way as hotels are, due to existing [antiquated] laws on the books. Brian Chesky, CEO, wants to create a 3rd category, which will create special legislation, in cities like Portland and Seoul, to allow owner/renters to make profits off of their spaces.

Brian is on a mission to transform the travel industry and Airbnb will become “more than just a place to stay.” As much as I love to travel I’m all for it! Click the picture below to watch the discussion.



Simplicity wins with News

news(iOS only) I’ve written about Yahoo in the past and shared my thoughts on why news would be a major focus for the company. I’ve also told you that with all the news options out there, I’m still not satisfied. On the last day of 2013, Yahoo released a new mobile app, called Yahoo News Digest that is amazing! The app is sleek and presents the top 10 news stories at two times during the day: 8 am and 6 pm. When you’ve read all 10 articles, you get a green light!

The best part about Yahoo News Digest is that it pulls in live data from around the web and incorporates into right into the article in a non-obtrusive way. Before you even open an article tiny, familiar icons signal additional content: stock price, videos, Wikipedia, tweets, maps and more!

Yahoo’s news app is #winning because of one reason: SIMPLICTY. They’ve gotten back to basics and given people what they want with news: clean text and a sense of accomplishment. I just hope they offer a paid version to rid the app of ads, once that ship sails. Download the app here.

Yahoo: Cool Conglomerate

imagesI visited Yahoo’s home page today for the first time in years. Why? Because it’s the next big thing. Don’t believe me? Check out all the recent headlines around: banning Telecommuting, promises to encrypt email, poaching NY Times writer David Pogue, purchasing Tumbler and snatching Katie Couric from ABC. Mayer, the new CEO is definitely making waves and if you’re like me, your ears are starting to perk up.

Let’s be frank: the feud between Apple & Google, Google and Microsoft, Microsoft and Twitter, Twitter and Facebook is cute. But isn’t it starting to get old? I mean, who is REALLY innovating these days and capturing the hearts, minds and souls of the new young, tech-savvy generation? You know… like the iPod did years ago? That’s what makes the Yahoo news so exciting. It’s a company that’s been around for a while that is trying to make a splash in an already-vibrant market. And everyone loves a good comeback story.  (Apple, anyone?) One thing is for sure: they’ve got our attention and their audience is not your average mom and pop. It’s Generation X and beyond, which means they get to build their new brand fresh and from scratch, while focusing on being: visual, mobile-friendly and of course, cool. Let’s talk about what Yahoo is doing as it pertains to this group:

News: What are their options? Certainly they are not reading the NY Times or WSJ. So (assuming) one day they will care, where and how will they get their news?  CNN, MSNBC, Fox News: be worried. Tech & Digital: They care about shiny new iPhones, Android and gaming devices; but, they’re not going to read long reviews or wait for the punch line at the end of the article. No, they want visual, they want to see and experience the news. Mashable, TechCrunch, CNET: be worried. Content: We’re talking about the American Idol generation here and Ryan Seacrest is their hero. Think live shows, voting, new Netflix series and more! Everything on demand, maybe even TV? Ryan embodies fun, while Couric provides the more serious tone that can be beneficial for convincing businesses to lock in on advertising. ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS: be worried. Politics. One word here: Twitter. Imagine a partnership with the DNC or RNC for live-election day coverage. No more newsroom-style reporting – they can go right to the source. Live feeds with real people (not reporters) on the ground, telling the story. Wolf Blitzer: Be worried (ok, this one is lame but I couldn’t think of anyone else). Human Resources. Yahoo reports that it is now receiving 17,000 resumes a week. Why? It’s the next cool thing. Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft: be worried. What will they do to keep their talent and promote innovation?

Maybe you aren’t excited, but the possibilities are endless! Oh, and what else do they have at their disposal? Just a few small things like: Tumblr, The Huffington Post, Adap.tv and Alibaba. Not to mention the fact that Mayer just got another $1B to play with.

But what could be next for Yahoo? With the focus on entertainment: imagine a deal with the NFL or the NBA? Lady Gaga or Rihanna – plays right to their target audience, right?! If Yahoo manages to ink a few high-profile deals in Sports and Music, they will definitely be ready for Prime Time!! Whatever pieces are missing from their puzzle, you can be sure that after we put them together and the picture becomes clearer, it wont look like anything we’ve seen before. Get your stock now. Or explore Yahoo’s re-vamped mobile apps on iOS or Android.