World 3.0, Yahoo Style

World 3.0. That’s Katie Couric’s new Yahoo series that highlights, “Leaders in technology, health, philanthropy and business share the secrets of their success and the innovations that are improving, and in some cases disrupting, their industries.”

5791f54379a8ce488f753ca7f31013d4The Economist wrote about Technology being an enabler of The Sharing Economy back in 2013 and Katie’s spotlight is on, probably the most controversial compan, flirting with (and making a fortune off of) this concept today. Airbnb is a site that allows ordinary people all around the globe to rent spaces in their homes or apartments for short periods of time. New York, among other municipalities have taken issue with this service and have taken Airbnb to court.

“When you have people in your home, you’re a person. The second you charge one person, on weekend, you’re a business” and as such you have to be regulated the same way as hotels are, due to existing [antiquated] laws on the books. Brian Chesky, CEO, wants to create a 3rd category, which will create special legislation, in cities like Portland and Seoul, to allow owner/renters to make profits off of their spaces.

Brian is on a mission to transform the travel industry and Airbnb will become “more than just a place to stay.” As much as I love to travel I’m all for it! Click the picture below to watch the discussion.