One For One Marketplace

tomsThis past Sunday, my pastor mentioned a guy named Blake Mycoskie in his sermon. Blake  started a shoe company with a unique goal: for every pair of shoes purchased they would give a pair away. I wanted to know more, so I followed Commandment #3 and Googled Blake Mycoskie. Toms??! Blake Mycoskie founded Toms? Who knew! The campaign is called One for One and also includes the gift of sight!

On Tom’s Twitter account, I found out about it’s new Marketplace. If you get the concept Toms has for shoes and sight, you get this marketplace: just add other companies and products to the equation. You can shop by CAUSE (Education, Children, Health, Job Creation, Nutrition, Water), BRAND or REGION. The marketplace features products such as jewelry, apparel, tech, home and more. Have fun shopping (and giving)!