Laugh Off Rejection

A great way to practice what I like to call “mistake prevention” is to LISTEN TO and LEARN FROM OTHER’S pain, pleasure, success and failure! Sometimes you can simply look around; other times you need outside insight. This month’s Cosmopolitan features an article called Laugh Off Rejection: A collection of advice from women who are happy to share their experiences with all of us! Happy learning!

  • Rejection is a form of guidance: Let it hurt. Reframe rejection as a positive. (Whitney Cummings, Comedian)

  • It’s just one moment in time: Don’t give up. You could be steps away from victory. Psych yourself up everyday. (Nia Turner, Ohio State Senator)

  • No just means not now: Whenever you can, delay a no, but also leave them an opening to say yes in the future. (Stephanie Schriock, President Emily’s List)

  • People say yes when they know and trust you: Consume positivity. Write your goals down, create collages. (Kim Duke, Founder of

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