One: Radio & TV

ligginsOne of my Facebook friends suggested that we all should watch TV One more. Ok, I thought. So I checked out the 10-year old Network’s website and introduced myself to the Management Team, headed up by Alfred Liggins, Chairmen & CEO. (Liggins is also the CEO of Radio One, stream). My goal here is to give you a crash course of the shows I’ll likely add to my regular TV-watching routine. Whichever shows you choose, be sure to get your TV Tech on!


  • Versus & Flow (R&B Music Performances): This year’s talented line-up is sure to have you giving standing ovations from your living room floor. Each episode includes a music performance from some of the industries best R&B talents.

  • News One Now (Roland Martin on “All Things News”): From politics to sports to entertainment, NewsOne Now covers it all. Airs Everyday at 9 AM EST or you can listen online.

  • Find our Missing (Coverage for Missing People of Color): Find Our Missing puts names and faces to people of color – young and old- who have disappeared without a trace.

  • Save My Son (Getting Black Men Back on Track): Educator Dr. Steve Perry is fighting for young, black men. Each week Dr. Perry and a celebrity mentor take an African-American man who has lost his way, and they try to get him back on track.

Learn more about TV One: website, Twitter or Facebook.