digital p’s and q’s

digital2Do you know the “rules” of social media? Everyone of us posts and retweets, what we believe to be the fabulous happenings/events/things in our life. Some photos are our own and sometimes they belong to others. Our friends at W Magazine remind us that there are rules, to which we should all oblige. Fashion designer Jason Wu describes how things have changed:

Then… Admirers used to approach him with a bashful “Hi, you don’t know me, but I love your work” and request a photo together, which he’d always oblige.

Now… These days, however, many of them simply hold a smart phone in front of his face, take a shot, and move on—without saying a word.

Do you think that’s rude? Are you guilty?? Next time you decide to post that fabulous pic, use the tips below to help you mind your digital p’s and q’s.

  1. Don’t Flood the Feed: Unless you run a food blog, do you really need to post a picture of EVERY meal you eat? #diversify

  2. Don’t Leave Evidence: If you visit your “friend’s” city without telling her, why make it obvious? You’ve seen those “you didn’t take me with you” responses. Or then again, maybe you don’t care!

  3. Do Honor the Hashtag: It’s the best way to say thank-you or to get your picture noticed! Hashtags are cute, except when you use a thousand – then it kind of looks desperate…

  4. Don’t Beg for Retweets: It’s your page and it shows your personality. If you need someone else to validate what you’ve posted, why post it in the first place?

  5. Don’t Engage Haters: Really? The back and forth? #ChileBye Kill them with kindness! If that doesn’t work there’s always this neat little functionality called #block and #delete.

  6. Don’t Oversnap Your Welcome: Is there really a need to share ALL 100 photos of the Eifel tower you took on your recent trip? Pick the best one and share it! And please not the blurry one…

  7. Don’t Forage for Followers: I can explain this one very quickly. You know that follow button on my account, the account I setup? Well… I control it. #choice

  8. Don’t Hold a Grudge: Not invited? Get over it. Have your own dinner party and invite whoever you want!