The Valley on HBO

Last night, HBO premiered a new series called Silicon Valley. In case you’re not familiar what that part of the country, perusing the headlines the morning after will give you a flavor for what the show is about:

  • HBO’s Silicon Valley: Did It Byte?  (TV Line)

  • HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is a Nerdy ‘Entourage’ Nailing Tech Culture (Mashable)

  • HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Duels ‘Game of Thrones’ for Geeks (Bloomberg)

  • ‘Silicon Valley’: Welcome to the Valley of Insecurity (Wall Street Journal)

  • HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ is full of funny, clever peaks (USA Today)

  • Silicon Valley’ on HBO: Tech Culture Gets The Comedy It Deserves (Huff Post)

I must admit the show was pretty funny! Unless you understand, work or participate in the tech world (beyond using your iPhone), you may not necessarily get some of the jokes. I followed the comments from the show on Twitter (a true sign of a fan) that were marked with #SiliconValleyHBO. One of the most memorable lines of the show was about a founder who cashed out early and wears T-Shirts that say HTML… no not Hyper-Text Mockup Language, How To Meet Ladies. Wait for it…. 

You can watch the debut episode, Minimum Viable Product, and the trailer for episode 2 online. Both are free (for now).