Skinny Meals

jpegBob Harper was on the Today Show this morning promoting his book, Skinny Meals. As you probably know, Bob is a weight-loss expert on The Biggest Loser and his prior book, Skinny Rules offers  tips and tricks help you get slim and healthy, whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100. Two tips he shared were: 1) No carbs, except from vegetables, after lunch and 2) Balance meals throughout the day (i.e. no heavy breakfast/lunch). 

Before you buy this book, I’m sure you’ll probably want to know what the Skinny Rules are, right? Whenever I have a question like that I ALWAYS follow Commandment #3 and Google something like “What are Bob Harper’s skinny rules?” Yes, Google can answer questions… so can Siri (insert blank stare).

I found a few notes from Reader’s Digest:

  1. Drink Water Before Every Meal

  2. Don’t Be Fooled by Food Labels

  3. Eat a Real Breakfast

  4. Have One ‘Cheat’ Meal a Week

  5. Snack On Apples and Berries Every Day

  6. Include Protein In Every Meal

  7. Stop Guessing About Portion Sizes

  8. Go to Bed Hungry

  9. Set Yourself Up For Success

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