Product Idea For Amazon

amazonHello! I have an idea for a (bundled) product that I’d like to partner with Amazon on. The idea involves packaging digital + print books for sale as one unit. As a consumer and avid reader, I am often torn over which to buy: sometimes I want the freedom of digital and sometimes I want to hold the book in my hand while I read. Why should I have to decide?? It would be great if Amazon offered a product that provided flexibility (it would also increase sales for Amazon/authors and require very little overhead). For example, I am currently reading Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. The hardcover is $16.77 and the Kindle version is $13.64. If I want to buy both, it would cost me $30.41. Most people will not do this because of the high cost. However, if Amazon were to offer a Hardcover + Digital package at $23.59 (half the cost of the digital) I would definitely purchase that and I’m sure other people would as well! That option allows me to read books right away, take the physical book with me to Starbucks in a few days (after receipt), then switch back to the digital version for my next business trip.

I’m putting this idea out there via email, Twitter and Facebook in hopes that someone at Amazon will notice! Appreciate your consideration!

Update at 10:32 AM EST

  • 2nd offering = Print + Audio + Kindle! Would be great for Runners!
  • Or why not embed a reading feature into the Kindle version? #winning
  • Plus an annoying way to get your Kindle to read to you with a robotic voice.