Flat Twist

Today’s post is about hair because I have been STRUGGLING with my natural hair. I’ve been trying to step up my workout game which has introduced all sort of issues. Initially, I had been going to the salon to get my hair put into my favorite protective style – flat twists and shelling out around $60 each time. It always looks great and stays put for a while. The problem is that I sweat in my head A LOT when I workout and after a week or so (if I’m working out like I’m supposed to), my hair starts to smell. You may be able to live with that for a few days but eventually you start to feel icky and HAVE to wash it out. So, do I modify my budget and allocate ~$120 a month to keep my hair looking pristine (and waste HOURS of my time sitting, waiting, drying)? I’m on a (financial) mission and I think NOT! 

2strandflattwistSo, my problem is that I don’t know how to flat twist my hair. I can flat “roll” but even those never come out quite right! So, last week I started searching for a tutorial on YouTube. I found one in particular to be the easiest. I tried and #failed. I got frustrated, stopped and wore a bun all last week. Today, I tried again (2 times) and FINALLY successfully created my first flat twist! The trick is – the hair you pick up along the way will be added to each side on an alternating basis to make it even! So, if you get to a point where one twist you are holding is bigger than the other, you are doing it wrong! Your goal is to keep them symmetric and pull tight! This was the missing link/analysis I needed to “get it” and yes, I talked myself through it for the entire braid! Maybe one day I’ll be able to fly through it but for now I’ll take my time! I’ve seen many people rock nice hairstyles with 1 twist and that’s EXACTLY what I plan to do today! #proud #braider #winning

Shout out to my sister, Cecily, for encouraging me to keep practicing!