Slip Silk for the WIN!

I have been familiar with this brand for a few years now. I started off with a white pillowcase that I unfortunately left in a hotel in Cleveland two (2) years ago … (note to self: do not travel with a white pillowcase, not easy to spot/identify!!) Then I got another pillowcase (black) and then another one (pink). Love them all!!!

Last year I picked up some scrunchies that I had been eyeing for a while. I purchased the thin ones and they are very easy on your hair! They also have eye masks; but, I’m really not into that.

Slip Silk just introduced GLAM BANDS (i.e. headbands) exclusively on their website and also turbans – I grabbed them both! The glamband is great for your nightly beauty routine and the turban, of course, can protect your hair while you sleep. Imagine how a silk turban on a silk pillowcase would feel. Can’t wait!!! ūü•į Their product mantra is upgrade your beauty sleep routine and I couldn’t agree more! For new product releases, you can stalk their page on Instagram like it do.

For all their products, I do recommend using their wash and being very careful / gentle in your cleaning process. Wash by hand (think the Woolite way) and ALWAYS air dry! If you put these items in the wash and/or dryer they will be ruined! (speaking from experience ūüė©)


Spring Picks

Last week we got a taste of Spring in Atlanta with temps of 70+ degrees. While the weather quickly shifted back to normal, that didn’t stop me from dreaming of a few new fresh items for Spring! Now, I’m definitely not saying I will purchase all these items…; but, they are “wants” and on my wish list. I stalk these websites regularly to check for sales. Hope you enjoy! Click the images to shop.

#nordstromeverything (mostly ūüíĀūüŹĹ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ)

Leather Slip on Sneaker by Frye – $200

Shoulder Bag by Saint Laurent¬†(LOVE the color) – $3,150 ūüė≥¬†ūü§Ď

Fresh White Tee by¬† Banana Republic – $30…. do yourself a favor and buy a couple of other colors as well.. black, gray, stripe, blue, red. #nowonsale for $17.70!

Tote Bag by Banana Republic Р$60 Perfect for trips to the pool/beach. #nowonsale for $35.70!

Hair Ties by Slipsilk -$40

White Sneaker by Reebok – $70Red Roses cologne by Jo Malone… it’s PINK – $70

Light Jacket by Member’s Only –¬† $85

Eyeshadow Pallete by Smashbox – $30


Sandal by Vince Camuto – $120

Natural Hair Care

IMG_0050Most of the universe has transitioned to natural hair: The Early Adopters started the trend about 10-15 years ago and those of us who were¬†Fast Followers have been all-natural 3-5 years now; but, there may be some newbies out there, still pondering the move and this post is for you, too! Before I start, let me just say that when it comes to time, different people invest it in different things. Some people like to research & investigate recipes for making their own hair care products – I don’t. Some people prefer to spend $50-$100 on a quick trip to the salon every few weeks/months¬†to¬†let other people do the work – I don’t. (Ok, I do fall prey to this when I get tired and frustrated).

You get my point. So let’s get started because I want to share the tips no one is telling you:

  • Wash and Go No. Some people¬†believe¬†that once they go natural they will be able to rinse their hair, run their fingers through it and go! This is a myth (unless your ancestors are¬†from a certain part of the world). Each and every style requires work and a LOT¬†of it. In fact, maintaining natural hair is more work than having¬†a relaxer. So, if you’re not up to it, take a few moments now to adjust your budget so you can join the salon club if you¬†actually want to look like somebody (there are days when your hair will NOT¬†feel or LOOK the best).

  • Shower Turned Beauty Salon. When you decide to do something with your hair, the shower will be best¬†known to you as your beauty salon. You absolutely must wash, comb out and twist your hair while in the shower, regardless of how you plan to style it. You’ll need an extra 30 minutes for this¬†but you’ll save yourself a TON of time in the end. Your hair WILL shed, a lot. Buy yourself a stop for the drain. You’ll learn to get over it when you realize you do still have hair on your head after the lengthy styling process.

  • Oil and Water Do Mix. Because your hair will¬†be DRY¬†and will soak up EVERYTHING you put in it – sort of like a plant that hasn’t been watered in a few days. The water makes it more manageable (see point above) and the oil adds much needed SHEEN. You can use coconut oil or whatever you like. Some people actually carry these items in their purse. #whateverworks

  • Save your Money on Products. This is probably the most contentious point. FOR ME, fancy or expensive products do not matter. As long as your shampoo is free of sulfate, you win. Find a leave-in conditioner¬†you can actually afford to use a LOT of and you also win. (see point above about moisture). The gel thing didn’t work for me; but, maybe it will for you! Buy a small container and give it a whirl.¬†Also, the product that worked for your friend may not necessarily work for you. Spend your money FIRST, trying inexpensive products to see if you can find something that suits you. There’s absolutely no way around trying out different products and spending a few dollars along the way,¬†unless of course you can share products with a friend. #whodoesthat I absolutely refuse to spend $50 for 2 tablespoons of anything, unless of course it’s liquid gold.

  • Styling. You will struggle. Over. And. Over. Again. No matter how far along you are in your hair care journey. Watch videos on YouTube and ask your friends & family – the key is to plan ahead and be sure to practice before that big picture or work day (remember our talk about time?). You will eventually get tired¬†of that one side-braid you finally learned how to do and when that happens, you will question your sanity. Cry if you must, but you’ll get over that, too. Find an easy go-to style for worst-case scenarios and keep practicing (advice from my sis)!

  • Salon. Sitting for 3+¬†hours, waiting, watching, wondering when it’s your turn. Your beautician overbooks, all the time. I can’t. I mean I physically can’t.¬†So when I DO decide to take the salon plunge, maybe for a trim (straightening not required), I book the first appointment of the day (same with dentist, doctor, etc.) so I’m in and out, no questions asked, no excuses about being “behind schedule” or “client requesting additional services that threw¬†me off”. Twist my hair while it’s wet and I’ll sit under the dryer when¬†I get home¬†thank you very much! Oh and I don’t play the extra $10-$15 deep conditioning game. As long as you are doing maintenance at home¬†and conditioning on a regular basis, that hot hooded-machine is no different than the $3 pack of conditioner you bought from Target. #ihatehairdryers

Rant complete! LOL So there you have it Рthe natural hair beauty tips/secrets that nobody is telling you!


Flat Twist

Today’s post is about hair because I have been STRUGGLING with my natural hair. I’ve been trying to step up my workout game which has introduced all sort of issues. Initially, I had been going to the salon to get my hair put into my favorite protective style – flat twists and shelling out around $60 each time. It always looks great and stays put for a while. The problem is that I sweat in my head A LOT when I workout and after a week or so (if I’m working out like I’m supposed to), my hair starts to smell.¬†You may be able to live with that for a few days but eventually you start to feel icky and HAVE to wash it out. So, do I modify my budget and allocate ~$120 a month to keep my hair looking pristine (and waste HOURS of my time sitting, waiting, drying)? I’m on a (financial)¬†mission and I think NOT!¬†

2strandflattwistSo, my problem is that I don’t know how to flat twist my hair. I can flat “roll” but even those never come out quite right! So, last week I started searching for a tutorial on YouTube. I found one in particular to be the easiest. I tried and #failed. I got frustrated, stopped and wore a bun all last week. Today, I tried again (2 times) and FINALLY successfully created my first flat¬†twist! The trick is – the hair you pick up along the way will be added to each side on an alternating basis to make it even! So, if you get to a point where one twist you are holding is bigger than the other, you are doing it wrong! Your goal is to keep them symmetric and pull tight!¬†This was the missing link/analysis I needed to “get it” and yes, I talked myself through it for the entire braid! Maybe one day I’ll be able to fly through it but for now I’ll take my time! I’ve seen many people rock nice hairstyles with 1 twist and that’s EXACTLY what I plan to do today! #proud #braider #winning

Shout out to my sister, Cecily, for encouraging me to keep practicing!