Spring Picks

Last week we got a taste of Spring in Atlanta with temps of 70+ degrees. While the weather quickly shifted back to normal, that didn’t stop me from dreaming of a few new fresh items for Spring! Now, I’m definitely not saying I will purchase all these items…; but, they are “wants” and on my wish list. I stalk these websites regularly to check for sales. Hope you enjoy! Click the images to shop.

#nordstromeverything (mostly 💁🏽‍♀️)

Leather Slip on Sneaker by Frye – $200

Shoulder Bag by Saint Laurent (LOVE the color) – $3,150 😳 🤑

Fresh White Tee by  Banana Republic – $30…. do yourself a favor and buy a couple of other colors as well.. black, gray, stripe, blue, red. #nowonsale for $17.70!

Tote Bag by Banana Republic – $60 Perfect for trips to the pool/beach. #nowonsale for $35.70!

Hair Ties by Slipsilk -$40

White Sneaker by Reebok – $70Red Roses cologne by Jo Malone… it’s PINK – $70

Light Jacket by Member’s Only –  $85

Eyeshadow Pallete by Smashbox – $30


Sandal by Vince Camuto – $120

Timeless Tee

20140224-195526.jpgThere’s nothing like a fresh white tee! Every Spring I do this thing, named after my favorite piece at Banana Republic. It’s my #1 MUST-HAVE PIECE for Spring. I always buy myself a couple of brand new tees in a few staple colors: black and white. BR calls is their Timeless Tee. No embellishments, no pockets, no words, no fancy cuts, nothing. Just a plain tee. No matter what your budget is, please head over to your favorite store and do your wardrobe a favor: get yourself new bright white tee!

(At the moment, ALL these sites have some sort of promotions going on so indulge!)

Timeless Tee, Banana Republic
Timeless Tee, Banana Republic
Perfect Tee, Old Navy
Perfect Tee, Old Navy
Perfect-fit tee, J Crew
Perfect-fit tee, J Crew