Spring Picks

Last week we got a taste of Spring in Atlanta with temps of 70+ degrees. While the weather quickly shifted back to normal, that didn’t stop me from dreaming of a few new fresh items for Spring! Now, I’m definitely not saying I will purchase all these items…; but, they are “wants” and on my wish list. I stalk these websites regularly to check for sales. Hope you enjoy! Click the images to shop.

#nordstromeverything (mostly 💁🏽‍♀️)

Leather Slip on Sneaker by Frye – $200

Shoulder Bag by Saint Laurent (LOVE the color) – $3,150 😳 🤑

Fresh White Tee by  Banana Republic – $30…. do yourself a favor and buy a couple of other colors as well.. black, gray, stripe, blue, red. #nowonsale for $17.70!

Tote Bag by Banana Republic – $60 Perfect for trips to the pool/beach. #nowonsale for $35.70!

Hair Ties by Slipsilk -$40

White Sneaker by Reebok – $70Red Roses cologne by Jo Malone… it’s PINK – $70

Light Jacket by Member’s Only –  $85

Eyeshadow Pallete by Smashbox – $30


Sandal by Vince Camuto – $120

Gucci Beauty

I’m back from vacation and this post is a 100% all in attempt at a self-intervention. So let’s get started.

Some girls like pink. Some girls like purple. A girl like me likes pink AND purple at the same time. Meaning, combine both colors to create a magnificent shade I like to call pink-purplish. For YEARS I have been wearing Mac’s Dazzleglass in Funtabulous. It has been the perfect cinderella-like color for me. It is an amazing color. I keep this gloss with me at all times and typically will buy 2 or 3 at a time. It costs $20 per, which is more than what most people will spend, but I could care less.


But then something happened. Maybe I’ve been under a rock or something… I was perusing Instagram or some magazine on the NextIssue app on my iPad (or maybe I was looking at the Best Sellers in beauty on the Saks mobile app for iOS?) and I ran across an EVEN MORE amazing pinkish-purplish color of beauty products. It is by Gucci and it’s not just a lip gloss. They have EVERYTHING: lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, you name it. And did I say it wasn’t just the lip gloss? Mascara, eye shadow – everything you’d expect in a beauty line. I love it all. I also want to buy it all. Like everything. Now. I am completely obsessed. Even the packaging is phenomenal.

367405_99PRD_5140_001_web_full_new_themeSo here’s where the intervention needs to take place. I really do want to buy it all. I took the plunge on the nail polish (see my Instagram post here), called Absolute Purple and OMG, I LOVE IT! It costs $29 and I do not care. I really love it. Very high class. Very high end. I’m usually not a label junkie but this is not just about the label. These products are AMAZING. I took it to the nail shop today and everyone swooned at not only the color, but the brand and the packaging. But as I said earlier, I could care less. I love it. So what else do I want to buy?

Lipstick in Tiger Lily, $39


Mascara in Iconic Black, $33


Lip Lacquer in Potent Violent, $32


I REALLY LIKE THIS COLOR. So those 3 products alone will run me $105. It’s an expensive habit to start but I LOVE IT so much that I WILL 100% buy them all. But that’s not my problem. The problem is that I love at least 3 other colors equally as much. Let me show you what I mean, focusing on the nail colors:

And this is just a sampling! How are you supposed to choose?? I mean really. This is literally NOT FAIR! I’ve been eyeing these products for weeks and have held off this long. But I’m not sure how much more I can take! And to top it off, of course I started imagining what all my new Gucci beauty products would look like in a nice new makeup bag and ran across this one ($360)!


Christmas is not even here yet (or my birthday… #scorpio) and this line already tops my FAVORITE THINGS for 2015!!! (see also 2013, 2014) You can get Gucci beauty now at Saks.com, Neimanmarcus.com, and Gucci.com. Happy shopping!