image-gallery-01._V367570019_.jpg%22Everyone is talking about drones! Amazon wants to use drones for 30-minute delivery service, right to your front porch; Netflix wants to use drones for a same-day movie delivery service; and Photographers now offer drones at weddings, to capture those hard-to-get shots. It’s probably not to hard to even imagine drones at sporting events!

So, what exactly is a drone? “Drone” as a category refers to any unmanned, remotely piloted flying craft, ranging from something as small as a radio-controlled toy helicopter to the 32,000-pound, $104 million Global Hawk. If it flies and it’s controlled by a pilot on the ground, it fits under the everyday-language definition of drone. (Popular Science)

f6f4d56389826615149a6798231a42efBut be careful! A man in upstate New York man was recently arrested and is facing felony charges for allegedly using a drone to film outside a medical exam room. While the jury is still out on the legalities of drones and privacy, keep in mind: somebody is always watching! Furthermore, all this talk about transporting packages via air makes me think of the Jetsons…. How far are we really away from transporting ourselves?! I’m not talking about Delta or Southwest; rather, companies like Ford and GM selling drones as “personal transportation devices”. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t seen drones in action, check out the video below from Amazon.